Some fans believe Rangers lost because Liverpool are rich

Some fans believe Rangers lost because Liverpool are rich
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 04: Diogo Jota of Liverpool is challenged by John Lundstram of Rangers during the UEFA Champions League group A match between Liverpool FC and Rangers FC at Anfield on October 04, 2022 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

We’re hearing quite a few Rangers fans today excusing last night’s debacle and indeed the first three Champions League horsings on the grounds of ‘money’.

That Liverpool are worth £400M-£800M or thereabouts while Rangers are only pennies.

To put it politely, this is a dreadful argument and we’ll explain why:

1: You weren’t saying that when we put away Dortmund (on their patch) and Leipzig who are/were both better teams last season than Liverpool are this. That argument didn’t seem to apply.

2: Rangers’ squad is worth, like it or not, £150M We might not have spent that, but that’s the rough market value. Yes, it’s not as high as Liverpool etc, but since when does the value of a squad decide on the night who will win? And Rangers aren’t worth pennies. Sorry, but we’re not.

3: Has PSV just been forgotten? They are as good as the three teams we’ve faced, easily in the same ballpark as them, yet we overcame them, despite their squad value, including Cody Gakpo and Carlos Vinícius. They’re a UCL-level team but we worked like dogs against them.

4: Since when did squad value have any impact on work ethic? Our players, in none of the UCL matches thus far, have truly worked properly hard, especially in the first and third fixtures. Doesn’t matter what your value is, work is work and Liverpool did a tonne more of it as Ajax did. The one we worked hard in was PSV.

What we’re getting at is stop using financial gulfs as an excuse for a pathetic loss.

We can handle losing if we worked at it – look at how we’ve been a little less harsh on the Napoli loss because we did work harder in that match up to a point. But Ajax and now Liverpool have been shameful.

We can beat teams, even the biggest teams, on our day, if we work. We showed this v PSV.

But that’s been dumped in the group stage.

What’s money got to do with it?

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  1. When was the last time our league was won out with the old firm? Why has it need so long? It’s simple we have more money which buys a better quality of player.

    A Liverpool reject and he was not even a reject was the top man in our team Ryan Kent, Now he is winding down his contract and their is no chance a team like Liverpool will be interested…We signed a centre half from Liverpool who never even kicked a ball for them and I believe he will just what we need in the SPFL along with King and Goldston.

    Money more than ever has ruined our game, Tav deals to the top leagues have made it an uneven playing field, If we never made the champions league this year then last seasons Europa league exploits would have been pointless, Those games more than anything cost us the league and Celtic got in on our exploits. At least with us making the champions league we should be on par with them signing player wise, if we had not made the champions league then they would have spent more than us putting us at a disadvantage.

    Money is King in football, Liverpool sign players who are considered to be up there with the best in the world , not one of those players would never even consider Scotland to play in while they are in their prime..

    Days of a player retiring and buying a pub when they retire are over, our players are all millionaires as it is but players in the Premiership can earn easily between £80k and £250k per week, Liverpool players earn millions per season and the reason they earn so much is because they are the top of their trade and out of clubs like Rangers and Celtics reach, that is just a fact of life.

    Yes we were well beaten yesterday, But 2-0 is not a disgrace , the free kick I don’t think any keeper could have saved and then a penalty. Yes McGregor had a great game but that’s his job.

    Our main priority is winning the league , getting into the champions league through winning the league and replacing McGregor with a half decent Keeper costing in the region of £5m.

    Did I think Liverpool would beat us? Of course I did only a fool would have expected us to win, I said before the game we would get beat 3-0 and that was me being optimistic, until we get a half decent tv contract then this will always be the case.

    To me personally money is ruining the game I love as it is becoming too predictable, year in year out it the same teams usually in the latter stages of the champions league, the same teams picking up the big bucks and the same teams snapping up the best players and even the youngest players and loaning them out, Billy Gilmour is a prime example, He would have been a better player to stay at Rangers and get a few seasons under his belt , but Chelsea offered him crazy money for a young kid and away he went.

    Ibrox will be Diff’rent thou as our fans are like a 12th man and I do think we can get a draw against Liverpool and then it’s down to Ajax at home and they signed our best player last season for £20:odd million, As for Napoli ? Let’s hope they take it easy on us. But as I said the league is our priority, we got a ticket to the dance this year and winning the league gets us another invitation while Celtic will be under pressure to join us or else we will be buying better players than they will putting us in a better position to retain the league, and it’s all down to money and buying power.

  2. I know what you are saying about finances johnnie ,but as has been pointed out ,there is clearly players not giving their all in games and being played week in week out ie tillman ,kamara ,kent ,morelos goldson etc which is unacceptable ,our head coach is making excuses for them by saying we are out of our depth .
    Liverpool were off form and if we played correct players and bust a nut we MIGHT have got something .
    Shrewsbury last year got ripped in to an ON form liverpool and almost knocked them out FA cup ,more recently brugge are doing well in CL and st mirren got a result v celtic through hard work and organization ,which we have NOT got .
    keving keegan once said he did not consider himself the most skilful and made up for it through sheer graft .
    The rangers players would do well to note this in CL games .
    It does not help when our head coach has instilled that we do not belong in this company …..WTF .Ww have also been torn apart by them and ajax who did not spend fortunes and ajax lost a whole team and manager …whats the excuse ?

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