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Ibroxnoise.co.uk has been running since late 2011 as an unofficial fan site for news, views, and general Rangers discussion.

We consider ourselves an ‘aggregation’ site for Rangers fans, that is a one-stop news, analysis, speculation, and transfer rumours site, with the occasional scoop thrown in.

Ibrox Noise has found a global audience and the readership has increased almost exponentially, and we are proud of the community we’ve started to build.

This site is about writing about the Club we love, Rangers.


Your Ibroxnoise.co.uk team:

Admin/editor – Ibrox Noise

He’s been running this site now for years, and prefers not to be in the headlines.

Contact me @ editor at ibroxnoise dot co dot uk

WriterDerek Cunningham

Derek is a lifetime Rangers fan, who loves watching free-flowing fast and direct football. Now based in the US, when not chasing down statistics on football teams he is researching the statistical significance of ancient geometric artwork form the Stone Age, which is actually a lot more interesting than it sounds. He is a published author, with two books to his name, and is now working on his third book, which should be finished by the end of this year.

Writer – Zak Kelly

Zak is a full time HND Journalism student and a lifelong Rangers supporter and season ticket holder. He’s so dedicated to the team he even once snaffed a fake ticket to gain entry at Easter Road to follow the Famous! Writing is his passion and there‚Äôs no one better to write about than his favourite team.

Writer/contributerKirsty Gorman

A long-time and valued contributer, Kirsty offers a much-needed female perspective on the Noise, herself a lifetime fan of the Famous and with a good Rangers background. She is a big part of the site and is well-known to spot things the rest of us miss.

WriterScott McAulay

Scott is a student at Strathclyde University studying with the intention of becoming a sports journalist. He’s a season ticket holder in the Sandy Jardine stand, and naturally a massive Rangers fan!

Writer/ContributorRoss Carrick
Ross has been a fan of Rangers for over 35 years, so has an excellent Rangers knowledge & a good footballing one too.
Loves to watch fast free flowing football, with the emphasis of getting the ball forward as quickly as possible.
Also a geek when it comes to Football Manager..

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Our mission statement:

We at Ibrox Noise are proud Rangers fans, one and all. We love the club, and support it through thick and thin. We have been with Rangers all our lives and this site has been in existence since well before the disaster of 2012. We are not afraid to both praise and criticise this club, holding it to account and lavishing it with plaudits when it deserves either. We will continue to expect the best from the club and support it always, while equally expressing concerns when they arise. We have received accusations from many fans that we are not true supporters as a result. We respect those opinions, but our argument is true supporters don’t accept second best from the Rangers. If you want constant positivity Ibrox Noise is not for you.

NB: All articles containing speculation, conjecture or rumours are packaged as such, and it is up to the reader how they wish to take them. We consider our readership intelligent enough to ascertain the difference between stated fact, and conjecture. Ibroxnoise.co.uk has never published anything it knew to be false.