Rangers must dip into transfer market to replace Ryan Kent

Rangers must dip into transfer market to replace Ryan Kent
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 14: Rangers player Ryan Kent in action during the UEFA Champions League group A match between Rangers FC and SSC Napoli at Ibrox Stadium on September 14, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

With the news a few days ago Ryan Kent had apparently rejected a new contract, Rangers fans probably don’t mind too much any more if they even did before.

While ourselves and Ally McCoist appear to be the few Rangers fans who think the winger was anything other than rubbish against Hearts (apparently a massive goal and assist are worthless these days in football) nevertheless not even the biggest fans of the former Liverpool man can make a serious case for him this season.

Kent’s last real performance was in the Dortmund double header, in which he truly shone against such illustrious company like England international Jude Bellingham, but since then he’s been mostly AWOL, struggling to beat men, struggling to score, struggling to do much.

And most Rangers fans have lost patience with him following yet another ineffectual display at the one stadium on earth Ryan Kent wanted to shine at.

There are further rumours today that Leeds have lost interest having watched him last night (like the rest of us) but then if a player is set on leaving a club, suitors will frequently discount poor performances on the basis of ‘head being turned’ and will focus instead on the good they’ve seen in the past.

Regardless, with Kent’s present form so generally mediocre, the potential for him moving on is a lot less ‘feared’ than it once was, but Kent may find doing so harder than it was if he’s trying to impress potential suitors with sparkling displays.

The problem is who do we have for the left ahead of him?

Our available current attackers are Sakala, Tillman, (we think) Roofe, Matondo, Wright, and that’s really about it. None of these are left wingers by trade – they’re all utility, 10s or right.

Which means that with no Kent, we don’t really have anyone for that side.

As things stand he’s staying at least till next summer, but Rangers will have to replace him in time, despite Tom Lawrence’s return early next year. And that will require entering the transfer market.

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  1. I would drop the guy as he is not interested in playing for Rangers anymore. He should have been forced out the door in the summer or told he would play with the kids if he stayed.

    Just look at his stats in the spfl last season , Those stats alone he would have been dropped but we continued to play him in the league because he was good in Europe

  2. Tuesdays disaster showed how much dead wood we have..Kent,Morelos,and how come that dunce Kamara got onto the pitch after his lack of commitment to our club..let them play with the weans the rest of the season,bite the bullet and sell them to Russia.

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