Giovanni is giving Rangers no chance in the Champions League

Giovanni is giving Rangers no chance in the Champions League
Rangers' Dutch coach Giovanni van Bronckhorst speaks during a press conference on the eve of the UEFA Champions League group A football match between Scotland's Rangers and Italy's Napoli at the Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow on September 13, 2022. (Photo by Andy Buchanan / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

There’s no denying we’re brutalising Giovanni van Bronckhorst here on Ibrox Noise. Ibrox Noise’s Derek has been especially vocal in slaughtering the man’s admittedly dreadful tactics and clear lack of concise game plan beyond ‘hope’.

See, we still like him, if not as much as we did – we certainly don’t trust him now, because he’s lost what he gained last season.

But the reality is he’s the only one capable of fixing this frankly rotten season at Ibrox, one which has seen only one highlight, and that’s getting to the Champions League.

But he evidently refuses to – Giovanni keeps justifying and defending everything he’s doing, especially in Europe, and while Ibrox Noise never expected much from our UCL campaign (as you’ll know) we certainly hoped maybe for a draw or two, perhaps a win, and certainly players who knew what they were doing.

This manager isn’t giving the team or players any chance of success at this level – if we didn’t know better, we’d argue he’s deliberately strangling the side and dismissing the Champions League, knowing all too well we didn’t buy well enough in the summer.

See, Ben Davies had a weird match last night – he didn’t stand out at all and looked like little more than a paperweight with nice hair, and yet his stats tell a story of a good defender who made quite a few key blocks.

And that’s the story of our summer window, aside Colak, who we’ll get to later.

No, this was a team set up not to win, not to attack, and even the tactics looked exactly like that.

How many times did we see Goldson, King and Davies passing the ball aimlessly between them?

How many times did we see our spine looking completely static and going nowhere?

How many times did we lose possession anything further than the halfway line?

It was a litany of tactics which looked almost like sabotage – there was no intent on winning or even scoring, not until the last 5 minutes.

It was as if Gio decided let’s set up a team that won’t get crushed, and then have a go in the last 5 minutes.

There was zero intent from Rangers to play in this match, and the players frankly aren’t completely to blame on that.

This one sits mostly on Gio, who ensured his side had zero courage or movement.

Or are you going to tell me Ajax and last night was all the players’ fault?

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  1. Anyone who thinks we had a chance in that group is deluded, We can’t pay the sort of fees for players that these team pay. Blame the Tav deals if you want to blame anything.

  2. I agree with Johnnie. We need vent our disappointment and move on. If (and it is a big if) we can get at least a draw against Liverpool at Ibrox, we may be playing Ajax for European foot ball in the new year

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