Antonio Colak devastated at being dropped by Rangers

Antonio Colak devastated at being dropped by Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 17: Antonio Colak of Rangers celebrates after scoring the second goal of his team in the second half during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Dundee United at on September 17, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

If one Rangers man was more gutted than anyone else even going into this match last night it was Antonio Colak.

If ever a decision from GVB HASN’T been vindicated, it was this atrocious call, two Champions League farces in a row, to drop his best striker and replace him with red card Morelos.

The only outcome last night that could justify dropping Scotland’s best striker and one of the most in-form forwards in Europe for a match that big was if his replacement had a beast of a night.

Alfredo Morelos jogged around, doing absolutely nothing (no shots, no dribbles, no fouls won, absolutely zero on all his stats including a miserly 60% passing) and got hooked ONLY on 80 minutes when it was clear he wasn’t interested.

Then Colak came on, got 100% passing accuracy, and managed a shot on target. Inside barely 5 minutes.

Goalak must be completely horrified that in two UCL matches he’s been dropped for no justifiable reason, despite form being off the charts, with his replacement 100% not justifying the decision by a manager seemingly intent on wrecking as many players as possible.

While we could see the motivation behind Morelos up front and his mischief, the ONLY outcome to justify the gamble of playing him was him having a big European night.

As it turned out, Europa Morelos is a distant memory and he’s been absolutely rank at this level.

It’s pretty telling Morelos is rubbish for his country and has stunk in the Champions League, with the UEL, SPL and Finland the only places he’s ever looked good.

Meanwhile Colak has more goals at this kind of level and more everything than Morelos, including desire, yet he was the one ditched.

It was a dreadful, horrible, and frankly incompetent call which fell on Gio 100%. He had to pray it worked, and it didn’t, in fact backfiring hugely on him.

And you won’t hear an ounce of him admitting he got that one wrong. Again.

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  1. Can you imagine haaland being dropped at man city ? Colak on same run of form for gers .
    Another decision that bamboozled me by our increasingly erratic head coach .

    • Totally agree gio getting a l9t off things wrong think it’s time we had a manager who knows what he’s doing as clearly he dosent selling good players keeping good ones on the bench time to go Gio

    • I am pissed off, with Big Clubs putting pressure on Rangers players by their continuous stories of big money deals with little or no intention of signing them, as it fills their heads with sweetie mice.
      I also remember the narrator of this story saying that Morales was a fantastic striker, he didn’t go bad overnight and he gave the club value for the money they paid. Put him up for sale and if we get anything over 8 million sell him on.

  2. Completely agree Colak should have been the first name on the teamsheet.Morelos like Kent and Kamara are no longer interested on playing for Rangers and I would not play any of them again unless Kent and Morelos sign contracts and Kamara stops behaving like a kid who has been told he can’t get sweets. For Saturday I would make wholesale changes and start with this 11. Mcgregor Devine Goldson Davies and Yilmaz. Midfield Jack Arfield and McCann and forward line of Sakala Colac and Mantondo. This will show that the likes of Lundstrum Tavernier and Barisic that their place is not guaranteed also Davis is need of a rest. That team should beat St Mirren and will show a lot more commitment than the team that turned up last night. Also don’t know how fit Lowry is but he is he must play.

  3. It’s not just online blog chit chat any more . This is serious we are a fucking embarrassing mess, weak and gutless no pride.. GVB needs to go now. Dyche won’t come here , he’ll go to Forest . I don’t know what the answer is but the same shit won’t cut it . The board need to step up here or we will need to change there too. The lack of proper transfer plans is going to cost us the league ffs . I agree with Donald Mckay Morelos Kent Kamara need to be dropped put in the stand or even sent home. If they don’t want to be here then we shouldn’t give them any more facility or opportunities at the Famous all three will play at no higher level than us again.

  4. I couldn’t agree more, also take the negative defensive set up into account, this is what Gio learned from Walter, defend well and break fast, Walter did it, Gio can’t. Quite embarrassing all round to go down so easily.

  5. Bring back Michael Beale. It’s going well at QPR in his first management job. GVB is looking increasingly clueless. The question is how much would it cost to sack him?

  6. Been saying this for ages bout gio and have been shot down constantly by the blue tinted glasses brigade who won’t have a bad word said about him.Its not just the players who need to up their game its management and backroom staff also.

  7. Give GVB the remaining 3 champions league games then make a decision. If he cant see his own faults by then and put them right then he should leave . Enough is enough. He has made too many negative statements .

  8. GvB needs to go. I’ve stuck with him this far but leaving Colak out for such an important game makes no sense he doesn’t seem to have a clue and if punters can pick a decent team but he can’t that says something!
    What about all the players we’ve bought but can’t get a game cos the uninterested ones are picked week in week out ?? Ffs get a grip GvB

  9. Obvious most of the comments do not have a clue to the strategy
    The directors want to win the SPL and collect the real money. They had no chance of qualifying in this section, Morelos needed more match time and Gio used this as a chance to get his pool into shape for th SPL. It was part of the plan, winning the SPL is the number one,watch for the results with a full squad available a d hungry, we lost the league last year because of th heavy workload in the lower tier, we do not want to risk a tough qualifying again.
    Pay attention to what the directors say and the manager, we are not good enough to compete with the top 60 percent in the Champions league due to financial income, we need some real income first.

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