SPFL MUST compensate Rangers fans for lost Dundee cash

SPFL MUST compensate Rangers fans for lost Dundee cash
Called off again....

So while the news from Ibrox is pouring out thick and fast at the moment, we’ve absolutely not overlooked the fans’ ire over yesterday’s shambles.

Once again, just like 3 weeks ago, around 5,000 Rangers fans travelled to Dundee in advance, only to be told, again, the match was called off at 15:30.

Just like 3 weeks ago, many of these fans took time off work, even more so on this occasion with it being midweek, costing them either a day’s pay or a holiday, and quite frankly there’s a tonne of outrage not only at one day being wasted, but two.

In simple terms, who is going to compensate for this shoddy and expensive waste of Rangers fans’ time?

In this cost-of-living crisis time, when things cost a tonne more than they should, supporters have wasted plenty of money travelling to Dundee and that cash MUST be reimbursed.

By whom?

Simply put, the SPFL.

They refused to listen to Rangers’ proposals or dialogue, and insisted on the match going ahead.

Some might say Dundee, but they have absolutely no money which is half the reason for this disgraceful pitch in the first place, so there’s no point in beating them down further.

Yes, they let this happen, and yes, it’s borderline criminal neglect, but if they compensate Rangers fans it will probably end them as a club, and while some small minded and bitter fans in our support would celebrate this, they’re just as bad as those who celebrated our club’s troubles back in the day.

No, it’s the SPFL who have to compensate, as the governing body. Dundee must be penalised, yes, but it’s the SPFL who are responsible for everything under their umbrella.

And all of the thousands of fans who travelled each time deserve remunerated.

Anything else is unacceptable.

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