82% of Rangers fans vote for Dundee forfeiture

82% of Rangers fans vote for Dundee forfeiture
Called off again....

After today’s remarkable chaos which saw the postponed Dundee Rangers once again postponed, with a stunning risk the third attempt will suffer the same fate, Rangers supporters have overwhelmingly voted that the home side should forfeit the points here.

At the time of writing, with a 2600+ sample and growing, 82% believe Dundee should forfeit the points and they should be awarded to Rangers, just 18% believing the match must be played.

The problem for the 18% is the staggering fixture backlog this is now creating, with the Split starting imminently – this weekend is the last available regular season match, and with Dundee’s position in the league, it’s made further complication.

Rangers, for their part, released a strongly-worded statement:

“RANGERS has written to the SPFL outlining its position following today’s further postponement of the Dundee Scottish Premiership fixture.

The negligence and unprofessionalism demonstrated by Dundee Football Club, where they have repeatedly breached SPFL rules, continues to have a damaging effect on the top professional league in the country.

In a week where record TV viewing figures were recorded for a match in the same competition, and this evening’s game due to be televised again by Sky Sports, this episode is deeply embarrassing and has also been eminently avoidable.

Rangers expects the SPFL to take proportionate and decisive action in accordance with its rules, and the club will continue to make representations to them in the strongest possible manner.

The club has been repeatedly putting forward solutions to the SPFL, which have not been taken up. It has again proposed a solution to the preparation and execution of this rescheduled fixture and is awaiting a response from the SPFL. As things stand, the rescheduled match will be on Wednesday, April 17 at 8pm. The club considers that this matter has been handled incorrectly throughout by both Dundee and the SPFL.

At this time, we sympathise fully once again with our supporters, approximately 4000 of whom were looking forward to attending tonight’s game. Having already been left hugely inconvenienced and out of pocket by the first postponement last month, it is entirely unacceptable and disrespectful on the part of Dundee FC to have allowed this situation to have developed again.”

The 18% rather ignore the astonishing inconvenience upon the travelling fans, and quite frankly the 82% side with the inferred outcome from Rangers’ statement – that Dundee are docked the 3 points, Rangers receive them, and we move on.

This can’t happen any more, and it’s strong chance the next one will have to be postponed as well.

Your move SPFL.

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