Rangers must steer well clear of Argentina’s Marcelo Gallardo

Rangers must steer well clear of Argentina’s Marcelo Gallardo
River Plate's coach Marcelo Gallardo gestures while speaking after his last match as River Plate's coach at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Mendoza, Argentina, on November 13, 2022. (Photo by Andres Larrovere / AFP) (Photo by ANDRES LARROVERE/AFP via Getty Images)

One manager we’ve not spoken of at length on Ibrox Noise, aside Ross having a little look at him earlier today, is Argentina’s Marcelo Gallardo.

The 47-year-old has a complete rap sheet of wins, with multiple titles as a player in both South American and Europe, and then replicating that as manager.

Yes, as boss he already has two league titles, a cacophony of cups and trophies and a bunch of individual managerial accolades as well.

On paper Gallardo looks like the primo winning manager Rangers need.

But there are two massive catches here.

The first one is he doesn’t speak a word of English. Just like his senior compatriot and namesake Bielsa, the man hasn’t a word of the King’s English to his tongue, and would require a translator. And quite honestly, the sight of Bielsa standing head down next to that guy on every interview was excruciating.

The second one is probably worse: he’s not won a single thing in Europe as a manager, having never managed in Europe either. His entire career as a manager is in South America, first Uruguay then Argentina.

This isn’t child’s play to win, we admit that, but the reality is the standard of South American football is miles below Europe – and we include Scotland in this.

It is a truly awful league, with modest pay at best and players desperate to get out and make Europe. Yes, world class players are down there, but they’re begging to be discovered – there’s a reason Messi left Argentina. There’s no money, no future, and a colossal amount of absolutely wretchedly poor players.

That Alfredo Morelos had to plump for Brazil was a major step down even from Scotland, and a return to the backwater of South American football.

It’s where you don’t want to be in football. Not unlike Africa, in truth.

That Gallardo has only managed there and hasn’t made it to Europe says a lot – he was linked to Bielsa’s old job as well at Elland Road, but didn’t want it based on the language factor – so he’d want Rangers even less.

No, Gallardo is a non-starter, and while his CV has big numbers and he’s a winner, he’s not a winner anywhere which matters for Rangers.

Nope, sorry.

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  1. I have seen the squad for today on Sofas core and l pray and hope they have got this one wrong with the shame doh shit that started on Saturday except Wright who is only fit for cleaning the players boots and washing the kit, l pray to god this time they got it wrong with 2 hours to go, if no, l can feel a hammering coming on

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