“We’ve had enough of him 3” – Rangers players rated in Cypriot debacle

“We’ve had enough of him 3” – Rangers players rated in Cypriot debacle
Rangers' English goalkeeper #01 Jack Butland argues with Aris Limassol's Senegalese forward #14 Yannick Gomis during the UEFA Europa League Group C football match between Cyprus' Aris Limassol and Scotland's Rangers at the Alphamega Stadium on October 5, 2023. (Photo by Jewel SAMAD / AFP) (Photo by JEWEL SAMAD/AFP via Getty Images)

In yet another dismal Rangers night, Steven Davis’ travelling side were humbled by an abysmal Limassol who, thanks to the visitors, recorded their first-ever Europa League group win.

Ibrox Noise looks at the players who, as usual, let the club down:


He didn’t. He was good, and thanks to him, the score was less abysmal than it could have been. One of the few, again, who can walk with his head high. 7


Yet again nowhere to be seen – despite plenty of the ball, only 1 of his 6 crosses was of any use, and he just didn’t have any influence on the match. Wasted a couple set plays and certainly didn’t lead. Has clearly lost more than a yard of pace. 3


Tragic. Head Duck Boy was at it again, ensuring he avoided the opening goal like the plague, and while he made a few interceptions and tackles, this was the Goldson we really want to see the back of in this shirt. We’ve had utterly enough of him. 3


Weak, usual soft centre, lots of passing, but little defending, Davies was his usual anonymous self and he likes it that way. 3


No defending for the opening goal at all, and looks at the moment like he doesn’t want to be at this club. 11 attempts at a cross, but barely 2 hit their mark. Was all at sea at the back. 3


He got an assist, so that’s something, and his passing was alright, apart from the odd careless and loose one. He looks a wee bit more with it these days, but still miles off the old best on earth. 5


Gamble to play him, and unfortunately, his form of last season is a distant memory and he’s just not at it these days. Does get a few tackles in, but doesn’t do much else, even the pressing stuff is not in his game at the moment, but he was clearly not fit. 4


Every second touch was either a tackle or a pass to an opponent. Quite atrocious and the Dutchman still shows no sign of settling in. He’s been a horrible signing, as we warned. He did get in a few dribbles but nothing went anywhere. 3


Looked completely lost. Wasn’t horrible but nothing went to him or for him and he was out of his depth as he has always been in Europe. 3


By a distance Rangers’ best outfield, but it’s not saying a lot. He’s had two good European performances now, and managed 3 shots all on target, including our consolation. Worked hard, made some good dribbles, and can definitely hold his head high like Butland. 6


Fine margins stopped him scoring, but them’s the margins at this level. He’s just desperate for this club, really struggling – works so hard and tries, but everything fails for him. We feel sorry for the boy, but he should never have been signed, nor should Colak have been sold to fund him. 1


None of them really made a difference – Rangers did push late on but nothing stuck and as usual, the attack was unable to convert anything.


Is it fair to rate Steven Davis on this? Yes, yes it is. He picked his pally defence, as we knew he would, and didn’t want to rock the apple cart with any bold changes. And it cost a performance probably as bad as any in Europe since and before Niederkorn. Was as poor as anything under Walter during 9IAR after 93, but that was all in the Champions League. Yes, he had The Mick’s dross to inherit, but he could have still rung a few alterations to make a statement. Too weak to do that. If it was an audition, he only proved himself completely out of his depth, which was never a surprise. Very reminiscent of Durranty’s Scottish Cup fail of years ago when he got dumped 4-0. 0

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  1. It was on the cards,i didnt expect anything, just a lads holiday in the sun taking the piss,money for nothing

  2. JT,CG,BD,SL,SW&CD should never be allowed to don the famous light blue shirt ever again. They’re not fit for a Z team never mind a B team , total dross . Davo had no choice to pick this team as we all know Tav & Goldson have the god given right by the board to be picked weather they play shit or even shitter ……. The new manager has his work cut out if he’s gona be able to drop this shower of guff ……

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