Assessing Steven Davis’ first night as Rangers interim

Assessing Steven Davis’ first night as Rangers interim
Davo during his coaching spell (Credit Rangers FC)

We really, really don’t want to be brutal on Steven Davis, because he is a Rangers legend who refused to leave in 2012 till Southampton paid the club a fee for him, while also being absolutely stellar for a huge period of his second spell at Ibrox.

Some would say he verged on world class at his peak at Ibrox during the Gerrard years, and he was literally incredible at times. As age caught him up though he lost his edge, and that’s ok.

So it was with huge surprise that while he was doing his badges, he got the call to interim for Rangers – let’s face it, he was put on the spot, and like Walter, he did his duty and took the challenge. He was never not going to.

It was, however, a spectacular and predictable fail.

Davo was nowhere near ready for this, how could he be – he’s never even coached at junior level before, and making Rangers his first job was literally beyond the deep end. He’s only 38 for chief’s sake.

Clearly, a team of he and two other relative newbies to this game in Alex Rae and Steven Smith (despite Rae’s unimpressive spells as manager and assistant manager) was a big, big ask for a European match.

And the lot of them drowned.

It wasn’t helped they were ravaged by injuries, absolutely – but they also had no intention of making the needed changes, and stuck with the same status quo of dreadful players that have sunk this whole season. And last, for that matter.

We emphasised that even John Lundstram could slot into defence, alongside Sterling, Souttar and even Devine, not that we rate him much. The point being to make a statement. To demonstrate this hideous woeful past-it defence is done.

But the same stale old rubbish once again lined up, alongside the new atrocious flops – it was absolutely horrendous stuff.

What did this match prove?

Davo is the wrong guy to lead the club forward – he is too pally with the Goldson Tav clique in there to ever dare and change things. He’s the squad’s friend, and he’ll make no ruthless and needed alterations. Some things have to be cut loose and Davo isn’t the man to do it.

He’s a great guy, a nice guy, but a Rangers manager he is nowhere near yet.

The one thing we definitely know is Davo has a while to go before he’s Rangers manager material. And that’s ok.

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  1. Hes been thrown in at the deep end with that shower of shite,certainly not his fault,
    We need a manager asap to sort this shower of chancers out

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