Mick Beale has left Rangers in an absolute shambles

Mick Beale has left Rangers in an absolute shambles
Aris Limassol's Senegalese forward #14 Yannick Gomis is marked by Rangers' English defender #26 Ben Davies during the UEFA Europa League Group C football match between Cyprus' Aris Limassol and Scotland's Rangers at the Alphamega Stadium on October 5, 2023. (Photo by Jewel SAMAD / AFP) (Photo by JEWEL SAMAD/AFP via Getty Images)

If the first post-Mick Rangers match was anything to go by, the ex-‘manager’ has left Rangers in an absolute state of disrepair that nothing is going to fix this season, unfortunately.

While a new manager of top quality could help stem the bleeding, he will need at least one window to reshape a bit of the squad, and that isn’t happening till January.

Ibrox Noise is frustrated, upset, irritated, wound up and frankly fuming, that once again our warnings weren’t heeded.

We remember early 2021, as we won 55, when we begged the board not to sit on its laurels and ‘do a Liverpool’ by letting this monumental title slip from us. Instead they sold badges and merch and left the football side to go nowhere. It fell apart horribly and Steven Gerrard rightly left, even if his methodology wasn’t admired.

And then going into this window just past, we offered major concern about the work being done – the quality of player being let go (Colak and Arfield) while the comings in were universally diabolical. Of course the majority of fans, rightly, wanted to support the team and have faith, because that’s what fans do.

But some could see this was a horrible window, none more so than Ibrox Noise.

And having witnessed the first 7 weeks of this season, ‘horrible’ doesn’t go far enough.

Not only did Rangers need a major overhaul this summer, but they need another one right now.

Well, that’s a lie – we didn’t need a massive overhaul, we required a lot of new quality blood and our best players kept. We needed to shed a lot of chafe, while keeping our wheat, and supplementing it with new talent.

But now? We need a squad-wide clearout from root to tip – thanks to The Mick’s absolutely abysmal recruitment, we now have few-to-no players worthy of playing for this squad, and are instead filled with past-it wasters and expensive duds.

Of this summer’s additions, only Jack Butland has convinced. Not a single other incoming has – Sima’s surprisingly shown glimpses, but that is literally it. For £16M spent, that’s diabolical. It’s a disgrace. And it’s borderline criminal. Beyond him, we can’t name a single current Rangers player aside, at a push, peak Cantwell and Raskin who are actually of the right stuff – and they’re pushing it too this season.

Now Rangers need a clean sweep – only Walter could turn this into a team, and he’s no longer with us – he turned round PLG’s shambles with just 4 signings in January and overnight we were the best in Scotland.

That’s not happening this time.

Sadly, this season is a bust. We can’t do much in January, and the best a new boss can do is stop us sinking further.

The Mick has absolutely ruined this club, with his farcical game of FM 2024.

Oh, what a complete and total mess.

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