John Eustace’s bitter Rangers response says everything

John Eustace’s bitter Rangers response says everything
LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 18: John Eustace, Manager of Birmingham City, looks on prior to the Sky Bet Championship match between Millwall and Birmingham City at The Den on April 18, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

John Eustace, Mr 7-10 days himself, Mr ‘used Rangers as a medical centre for 6 months for free’ himself has come out attention seeking about Rangers’ managerial ‘situation’ by ‘rejecting’ the appointment saying ‘that job doesn’t interest me’.

Well, thank God for that John, because not a single Rangers fan wanted you to be manager, and Ibrox Noise was absolutely forthright in saying we would not support you if you were made the boss.

Asked about the links to Ibrox, Eustace said:

“Definitely not. Rangers have got a fantastic manager already there. They’ve got a very, very good manager and that’s not a job that interests me at all.”

If Eustace had an ounce of respect for this club that homed him for 6 months, that gave him everything for 6 months and didn’t charge him, his wording would have been very, very different.

A simple ‘flattered to be mentioned of course but I am happy at Birmingham and not planning to move on’.

Show some respect for the club which spent hundreds if not thousands on your medical bills while you sat ‘7-10 days’ away from recovery for 6 months, as opposed to what feels like a petty rebuke.

Almost like he’s a bit bitter he didn’t make it at a club as big as Rangers, and now hates us like an immature wee boy.

We stated, firmly, well before Eustace made any comment, that we would 100% never support John Eustace as Rangers manager if he was appointed – that we 100% knew that would be a deeply bad and wrong appointment, and we were clear on that. So this isn’t petty hypocrisy on our part.

We just guess we’ll double down on how little we want Eustace anywhere near our great club again.

Thankfully, he’s never coming here and he’s confirmed that now.

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