Why the John Eustace saga really ended


At long last, the John Eustace embarrassment is over. The longest-running saga in the history of football trials is finished with the former Derby anchor leaving by the back door of Murray Park, Mark Warburton finally conceding defeat in his persistent efforts to sign the 35-year old up at Ibrox permanently.

The Magic Hat publicly stated at the pre-Livi press conference that Eustace had family problems, a ‘domestic’ as the manager put it, and that is why he went back south. He said:

“John has a domestic situation now his focus has to be on that.”

This may or may not be true, but sources close to Murray Park have revealed it certainly is not the only reason the deal caved in.

“Eustace is finished. Can’t get fit. Warburton & Weir wanted him as a coach. But the board said not on the wages he could command as a player. Eustace was irritated and said no thanks. What was on offer was not enough to tempt his family from down south to move. So he left.”

Rangers also paid Eustace’s expenses for five months, including hotel, car and other costs – money which ultimately would have been better utilised elsewhere.

Unfortunately it all leaves Rangers still lacking a DM – a situation critically requiring resolving in January.


  1. We really do need a good dm in January because if it is not goals from corners we are losing then it is goals from the edge of the box,it is quite frightening that we don't have anybody throwing their body on the line to block these shots but that is because there is never anyone there to do it, now not for one minute do I blame Andy Halliday for this because he is going to be out of position now and again as he has been filling in this role that he is not accustomed to, but as I said above if not a corner then edge of the box, in fact there was two livingston players waiting for the ball on Saturday at the edge of box , now a thing I would try is putting gedion in dm position and move Halliday forward one I know gedion is not best tackler in th world but he reads a game good the way hemdani or tugay they guy's hardly ever needed to make a tackle as they were always right place right time

  2. No one will be coming in January, unless someone goes out.

    The 3 Bears loans will be used to pay Green and King's legal fees.

    If Ashley gets out of bed on the wrong side one of these days it will be Admin 2 before Xmas.

  3. Anon 20.20

    That's just nonsense.

    King is obviously feeding money into the club as and when needed.

    That's why the Record and Herald have been given the green light to talk up players coming in the January window.

    As promised 4 or 5 will be coming in so that we can challenge Celtic immediately we are back in the SPFL.

    We are probably looking at a £10m spend in January, followed by a similar spend in the summer.

    That will shut the King doubters up.

  4. Ok I'm all for being positive but 10 million pounds in January and similar in the summer is never going to happen. Also, Warburton has already said he does not want more than two as it would risk upsetting the dressing room. For this reason, the only way we will sign more than two will be if some players leave. Regardless though, we have seen what Warburton has brought in with no scouting and very little money so I for one can't wait to see what he does in January. Finally our club is moving forward and playing the kind of football that puts smiles on faces, things will only get better 🙂

  5. I see Sarver ' s name being touted as a possible co investor with King and the 3 Bears….that would add another £20m to the war chest, bring it on.

    Go USA

  6. Haha what world do u live in u don't have the money to get to the end of the season without another emergency loan and u think there is 10 million to spend in January lol I can't wait for your bubble to burst again history repeats its self if u don't learn from it and rangers haven't…. nearly 100 m to get from the 3rd tier to the championship leaking more money than is coming in the circus continues……….

  7. King is a multi millionaire who took on the South African government and their tax authority for over a decade and walked away with a favourable settlement and not a stain on his character.
    It's my understanding that there have been issues moving some of his millions from SA nut that situation has now been resolved.
    I expect this to be announced at the AGM and will result in an immediate £20m investment from King, plus the same again from the 4 Bears. Any additional contribution from Sarver will be welcomed but is no longer essential.
    This will allow Warbs the scope to bring in 4/5 players with a pedigree and be able to afford the significant increase in the wage bill as a result.

    • 'A favourable settlement' with the SA tax authorities, but 'issues' with moving 'some of' his millions ?

      Wow. He barely managed to avoid prison in SA. In fact, he only managed to do so by re-patriating all his funds to SA. He is currently serving a suspended sentence in SA from a Contempt of court ruling.
      All of those are simple facts. Dress them up in other ways if you want to delude yourself, but those are the facts.
      A SA taxpayer 'in good standing with the authorities' can APPLY to the authorities to move money out of SA. Do you really think that a man convicted of dozens of tax fraud cases AND Contempt of Court will be viewed as in 'Good standing' by the SA authorities ?

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