John Eustace for Rangers? Not a chance, thank you so much…

John Eustace for Rangers? Not a chance, thank you so much…
BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - AUGUST 12: John Eustace, Manager of Birmingham City acknowledges the fans following the Sky Bet Championship match between Birmingham City and Leeds United at St Andrews (stadium) on August 12, 2023 in Birmingham, England. (Photo by Cameron Smith/Getty Images)

There’s a bit of talk now about Birmingham’s John Eustace as a potential replacement for Michael Beale should Rangers’ manager vacate his position.

Let’s be clear. NO.

John Eustace, like Beale, is a managerial rookie cutting his teeth in the position and hasn’t exactly sparkled as City boss. Good, but not vintage, certainly no more than Beale at QPR.

But we’re not really interested in examining the nuances of Eustace’s fledgling career – we made that same error with rookie Beale, and look where it’s got us.

No, if Eustace is made Rangers manager we will fundamentally oppose the appointment as yet another rookie who has barely won a thing (read: nothing) in his playing career, and even less as manager, being ridiculously given the Rangers slot.

No, we’re not just going to have ‘blind faith’ and ‘get behind the manager ffs’. If the board put Ronald McDonald (RIP) up the Marble Staircase would we just get behind it?

Eustace is a rookie boss, still plying his trade in management – he’s done ok at Birmingham, but at 43 he’s too young and inexperienced, and has no idea what Rangers are all about.

He was a brief ‘trialist’ for goodness’ sake, not only one who never played nor was ever even fit for Rangers, but he was at Rangers during the whacked-out Warburton era which doesn’t give a player real experience of Rangers on any level.

No, this is (hopefully) journos seeing another Championship boss doing ok and seeing his own QPR background coupled with his Rangers spell and (we hope) just plumping him into the mix lazily.

Rangers do not need any more soft-centre rookies who can’t handle the pressure of Rangers.

We have enough of them in the first team and our current management staff as it is!

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