Michael Beale changes back to Rangers on Instagram, but there’s a big catch

Michael Beale changes back to Rangers on Instagram, but there’s a big catch
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 22: Rangers manager Michael Beale is seen during the UEFA Champions Qualifying Play-Off: First Leg between Rangers v PSV Eindhoven at Ibrox Stadium on August 22, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Michael Beale has changed his Instagram photo back to a Rangers snap, after bizarrely altering it to a Queens Park Rangers one for the best part of a week. But he did not refollow the private group he created for the squad.

The decision, which may have been a tone-deaf switch in which the boss did not understand the implications of changing his pic to one of himself at his ex-club, was seized upon by fans, and led to massive speculation he’d been relieved of his duties at Ibrox, but having switched it back to Rangers again has endeavoured to quell the distaste switching it from a Rangers one caused.

It really was very, very stupid, and we can’t fathom a man as intelligent as Michael Beale thinking it would be ‘ok’ to change his Rangers unveiling Insta profile photo to one from the club he betrayed to join the Famous from in the first place.

Amazingly dumb, short-sighted, and the only credit we can give him is that it was a huffy rebuke at the board over the reported Director of Football issue.

Either way, it’s back to Rangers again, but just a normal match one and not his unveiling, which is absolutely fine.

Shouldn’t really have changed it in the first place hm?

As for the group account – well, he still hasn’t refollowed that account, so make of that what you will.

It’s some very strange stuff the boy is doing.

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  1. It’s yet another example of this guys inability to really understand what the Famous are and what they expect from thier manager. I stick to my original call he’s not the man to win this league this year no matter how loudly he professes his ‘not in peril ‘ and its about winning games . Beating slash like St Johnstone etc won’t sway the real fans .

    • Agreed Bill. I’ve said already that the guy is a fraud. He may very well be a good coach as part of a backroom team, but he sure as hell ain’t no top manager. More and more he is reminding me of the fella Cathro who was at Hearts, and we know how that played out.

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