Rangers striker Fashion Sakala confirms his Ibrox exit

Rangers striker Fashion Sakala confirms his Ibrox exit
Fashion speaking (about himself)_ before the infamous Celtic match.....

So Fashion Sakala and Rangers have officially parted company, and we must say we’re thoroughly relieved. This guy was, sadly, deeply self-centred, indeed disliked by his national team fans, booed by them for selfishness, and he only learned some humility when Michael Beale axed him.

Was he a bad player? Yes and no. Technically he was abysmal, with no touch, horrendous decision making, wasteful shooting and bad greed.

He was, however, capable of moments of bonkers genius, with some honestly brilliant goals and an occasional glimpse into the eyes of mercurial magic.

But that was one in 10.

The overwhelming majority was poor, and his stats for the club overall read 24 goals in 91 appearances. That, for those claiming Dessers and Danilo aren’t good enough and they want Sakala back, is a bit of perspective. 15 assists.

As we say, his good was unfortunately deeply outweighed by his bad, and the biggest crime he had was his personal hype, his ego, and his raise sense of importance following perceived improvement in his form following Michael Beale’s appointment.

He hyped himself up so much, he gloated at ‘that mob’ then proceeded to produce a horror show in the all-important Old Firm in which he deeply embarrassed himself.

And that was the day Ibrox Noise was done with him. Not to mention his diabolical and entitled interview slamming Giovanni van Bronckhorst while he was still his manager.

No one is bigger than this club, and his contrition and grace on exiting is too late.

He’s not a bad soul, but he’s very immature, and self-absorbed. Even his NT fans saw it, and while we don’t endorse them booing him, he was very unhappy at their treatment of him – but it was self-inflicted.

He moves on now, and Rangers get around £4M for him.

We wish him no ill, and hope he’s successful at his new club, but we really suggest he grows up a lot as well.

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  1. His statement actually came across as heartfelt and even I shed a tear and felt a bit guilty for a minute but he was a bombscare far to hit & miss. Good Luck to him in Saudi. 💙💙

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