Fashion Sakala Rangers interview is a bit of a shocker

Fashion Sakala Rangers interview is a bit of a shocker
SEVILLE, SPAIN - MAY 18: Fashion Sakala of Rangers is challenged by Filip Kostic of Eintracht Frankfurt during the UEFA Europa League final match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers FC at Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan on May 18, 2022 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

If Ryan Jack’s future at Rangers is a little hazy at present, Fashion Sakala’s is downright strange.

The Zambian gave an interview, no holds barred, in which he rather passively aggressively slaughtered Rangers and admitted he’s far from happy with his position at the club at present.

And in fact, has absolutely no idea what to do.

Fair play to the lad for being honest, but he sounded extremely entitled.

“I am expecting a meeting any time soon and I hope to hear his [GVB] views. This is something I am looking forward to because we are starting a competition and I want to know where I am standing because I don’t know at the moment.”

And even more tellingly, Sakala admits he came to Rangers to be a pure striker:

“When I came here for Gerrard I was told not to be a winger. I can also play as a winger, but I was told to play as a No 9. Those were the reasons why I came.”

This is an admission that he sees himself as something the club doesn’t.

Even more revealingly:

“I had games with Gerrard. I think since I came here I have played three games in a row where I played 90 minutes. Then when he left I knew the formation would change. Back then, I already had some doubts. But when Gio came we had a meeting and he told me that for him I am not going to play as a striker because he likes big strikers.”

So, in fact, Sakala is clear from GVB’s instruction that he is not going to be a 9 under him. It’s as simple as that.

“But Alfredo is the main player of the team, he is like a superstar. When he comes back then what would be my position? All of these questions come into my thinking. I don’t know if I should be preparing just in case Alfredo is not in the squad or should I prepare for the whole season? Because when he comes back I am not going to be counted as a striker. So I have to prepare myself for a position where I will be playing the whole season. So even if they aren’t back I am not viewing myself as a striker. I just want to work on the positions where I feel like I might get chances to play. Because we have Colak, we have Roofe and we have Alfredo. These are the strikers that we have. If I put myself there then I will be the fourth option. So I don’t want to pressure myself thinking I am a striker.”

So, despite Gio telling him he won’t be a striker for him, and the signing of Colak further giving signal to Sakala of the manager’s intent, it is clear he’s not really understanding that he’s not favoured.

Gio seeks Sakala as little more than utility, a forward option to give depth as and when needed.

And truthfully, despite his goals tally which wasn’t all that bad we admit, the lad looks like he’s running around with his eyes closed and a wide grin. He’s got one of the dumbest football brains we’ve seen from a Rangers forward, constantly caught offside, running into blind alleys, and showing little discretion with his movement at all.

He seems to be a very nice chap, but this interview was ill-advised and hinted at entitlement, and not just completely respecting what his manager wants.

In truth, as we say, Sakala isn’t a Gio favourite, Scott Wright is miles ahead of him, and Wrighty has his limitations too.

It’s up to Gio what happens with him.

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  1. Think he has just bought himself a ticket out of lbrox, he won’t be missed and if the gaffer sees these comments, he can even forget a place on the bench

  2. Honestly he has every right to be pissed. He’s talented, hardworking, humble and loved by the fans. Don’t forget his Goals against Real Madrid(Last pre season)and Celtic(last season)so quickly folks. The guy is brilliant.He’s also a human being who deserves respect for his efforts..
    Gio doesn’t seem to trust him as much as Gerard did and I feel it’s a signal from the current Gaffer to bounce. Fashion Jr please open your eyes and leave brother. You’re better than this..

  3. No big deal. He’s not playing enough games and he said so. I don’t have a problem with that. At least he’s not happy to sit back and take a wage. Whether he deserves more games is another matter. I think he could be used more as an impact sub as he brings enthusiasm, pace and goals.

    • Exactly this. Left sided attacker is his ideal role from what I’ve seen. I’d much rather keep him the Roofe tbh as his fitness seems great. Roofe fit is dynamic, but when was the last time ?

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