Some Rangers fans are tonight absolutely raging at Fashion Sakala

Some Rangers fans are tonight absolutely raging at Fashion Sakala
Rangers' Zambian striker Fashion Sakala reacts during the UEFA Europa League quarter-final, first-leg football match between SC Braga and Glasgow Rangers, at the Municipal stadium of Braga on April 7, 2022. (Photo by MIGUEL RIOPA / AFP) (Photo by MIGUEL RIOPA/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers fans are extremely unhappy with a lot of things to do with the club right now, and one of the biggest offences to occur at McDiarmid Park was not on the pitch, but off it.

James Tavernier, who we’ve criticised heavily on Ibrox Noise (we stand by all of it), for once behaved like a captain on the way to the bus and listened to irate fans, accepting their views and letting them be heard. We’ve had a lot of digs at him, but at least he listened.

Unlike the shameful Fashion Sakala who walked straight past his captain, straight past the crowd, kept his head down and sneaked onto the bus.

As many supporters pointed out, Sakala should have stopped and stood with Tavernier like a man – even just to show face and a bit of team spirit, because while we believe Tavernier commands no respect as captain, for fellow players to give each other backing and take the flak from fans together would be the unity you’d expect.

But no, the Zambian just snuck past Tavernier, ignoring the fans and creeped onto the bus, hoping no one would notice.

The video wasn’t super long, there may have been other players who did the same as he, but the fact is Tavernier was left on his own to take all the heat from supporters. Fair play to him, he did it, he stood there and he listened.

But it was absolutely diabolical that his own team mates, whether they respect their captain as a leader or not, did not stop to back up a team mate taking fire from fans, and just walked away.

Nothing else shows the lack of unity at Rangers than this better, if a man with the supposed ‘heart’ of Salaka really shows himself to be a complete coward who has no desire to support his team mates, he’s better off back in Belgium.

We already consider him an absolutely terrible player and the worst attacker we’ve seen at Ibrox in many a year, but we at least had respect for his character, for his heart.

That’s done now, and Sakala is clearly part of the problem, along with so many other symptoms.


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  1. Absolutely agree no unity in this group whatsoever something needs to happen and quickly just wish I had the answer.

  2. Why would he stop, to listen to a mob of abusive supporters wound up. Things are not right of that there is no doubt. It starts at chairman level and them MD and Wilson. GVB has been thrown under the wheels of Parks bus. Who do you think wants the poisoned chalice now. Answer no one in there right mind unless the money is there upfront to rebuild.

  3. I hate when I hear our own support attack players with more animosity than other teams fans. I am unhappy with results and the performances of certain players but negative abuse and calling people cowards etc will not help. The whole definition of being a supporter is to lift the team when it’s down.

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