Zambia fans aren’t happy with Rangers striker Fashion Sakala

Zambia fans aren’t happy with Rangers striker Fashion Sakala
Rangers' Zambian forward Fashion Sakala (R) reacts next to Sparta Praha's Czech defender Ondrej Celustka during the UEFA Europa League Group A football match between AC Sparta Praha and Rangers FC in Prague on September 30, 2021. (Photo by Michal CIZEK / AFP) (Photo by MICHAL CIZEK/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers striker Fashion Sakala is in the news for disgust over being heckled, jeered and booed by his own Zambia fans, in an experience which has soured his recent international endeavours.

Thing is, the hitman himself gave away in a statement the actual problem that Ibrox Noise has been also calling him out over for the past few months:

He’s selfish.

There’s no excuse for any actual genuine abuse or anything being thrown, if either happened, but from his own account, he was booed and called selfish by his own fans, and is disheartened by it.

Funnily enough he went onto indirectly admit they’re right, and even his social media postings about it didn’t get the support he wanted from Rangers fans or Zambia fans, with the most encouraging replies suggesting he just prove these critics wrong.

Because while you should always support your own, and booing and jeering your own players is counter-productive, Sakala has been a self-centred forward for as long as we remember, and now his international fans are calling him out on it.

And he doesn’t like it.

Does he deserve to be abused? It’s not a question of deserve – no set of fans can justify hassling their own players.

But there is smoke and fire here, and Sakala needs desperately to grow up and stop being so self-centred on the pitch to stop encouraging these fans to give him pelters. Is he capable of it?

Probably not, even his social media posts pretty much babble endlessly about himself and how great he is, and that’s not a good sign of growth for a 26-year-old man who’s supposed to be entering maturity.

He’s immature and selfish, and when even his glorious and beloved Zambia supporters, who would back their players almost religiously criticise him for it, it’s evidently time for him to change.

If Sakala can’t grow and become less selfish, can’t mature and become a team player, then he’ll have to expect this kind of crowd response, however horrible it may seem.

It’s on him to bring the crowds back onside, and show he can grow up.

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