Rangers are laughing as Celtic wage farcical war on media

Rangers are laughing as Celtic wage farcical war on media
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MARCH 12: Rangers manager Micheal Beale reacts during the Scottish Cup match between Rangers and Raith Rovers at Ibrox Stadium on March 12, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Well well well. Now, it’s not like Ibrox Noise follows what’s happening at Celtic, in fact quite the opposite, but the media coverage of Brendan Rodgers’ arrival has been hard to avoid, given it’s filtered into social media feeds and onto Rangers’ news channels as well.

But the ‘well well well’?

Via these means we tripped over the interesting little titbit that Celtic banned the BBC from the Rodgers unveiling….

That’s right, Celtic, after years and years of pro-Celtic coverage on the Beeb, with McGobble himself always on hand to attack Rangers and prop up everything Parkhead-based… was axed from the press conference to speak to Mr Rodgers on his first media show after returning.

Meanwhile the BBC’s Rangers coverage has been infinitely fairer the past years or so, ever since both parties ended their catfight and Rangers offered full cooperation again to Pacific Quay for our match coverage.

We have to say this is an interesting twist. And the cause of it?

From what we understand, Tom English’s article claiming, rightly, that Rodgers won’t have it half as easy this time against Rangers as he did last, as well as one or two Beeb journos apparently taking wee digs at Rodgers last season hasn’t gone down at all well, and while the Beeb have started being fairer and more reasonable about all things Rangers, they seem to be getting snippier and snidier towards the east of the city.

Or, as we’d word it, ‘more honest’. Celtic have had an easy ride from the Scottish media for far too long, and with new Rangers CEO James Bisgrove expressly saying that our club was going to bridge gaps and mend relationships with the media, this could be a little hint of that.

It would just be very ironic if it’s now Celtic waging war on all the outlets (PLZ were also barred from the presser) and it’s Rangers more favourably portrayed.

If that’s the case, there’s no question Bisgrove’s appointment has been a huge factor in that.

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