Ibrox fans get what they want as Rangers sack the board

Ibrox fans get what they want as Rangers sack the board
He's gone, but surely he will know what the deal is....(Credit Rangers FC)

What Rangers fans wanted, they now have. The board is officially sacked, and every single figure, aside one, that supporters didn’t want on our hierarchy is now gone as Stewart Robertson, a colossal failure, finally concedes defeat and moves on as well.

Stewart Robertson will be remembered for two gargantuan fails, both as diabolical and shambolic as each other.

The first was spearheading the hunt for a new manager and choosing a no-mark Portuguese joker, and being very proud of his choice by being on all the media and publicity for Ped the Ted’s unveiling.

It was an absolute sh*tshow.

The second? The beamback – Robertson, as Managing Director, had the power to make or break that call, and he chose to swan off to Sevilla with the rest of the board and become the only European club of four not to beam back their final to their home stadium.

He will simply never be forgiven for either of these atrocities.

His exit speech as well is ridiculous:

“As a lifelong supporter of Rangers, it has been a privilege to hold this post for the past eight years. I’m very proud of what the supporters, the Board, the investors, the players, management teams, and our loyal staff, all working together, have achieved in that period. I would like to thank everyone for their incredible support, without which it wouldn’t have been possible.”

Lifelong fan? First we’ve heard of this. We may have missed the memo but we’re pretty sure Robertson had nothing to do with our club prior to becoming, inexplicably, the Managing Director.

Secondly, ‘working together’? Right or wrong this board has pushed fans away the club as much as possible, and the one common denominator has been Robertson, who despite his charm offensives in the media, remains as aloof and bourgeoisie as possible.

No, this is an exit statement that is literally impossible to swallow, and he’s yet another epic fail by Dave King, who brought him in, a month after securing the club via EGM. Why so many fans want King back is beyond us, and while the man did steady Rangers’ ship and can be credited in part with 55, he made many more errors than successes. Robertson was one of them.

And the legacy of all of it is being seen today.

So, that’s Wilson, Robertson and Park gone. All fans now want is Graeme Park gone and we think they’d be much happier. Well, till they start hating the new suits as well.

Such is life.

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