Rangers have just announced the best summer signing the club will make

Rangers have just announced the best summer signing the club will make
He's the best man for the job for sure. (Credit Rangers FC)

So as we know Stewart Robertson is stepping down as Managing Director of Rangers, but what we haven’t discussed is his replacement, James Bisgrove.

This is the first corporate Rangers announcement made for years that we can get behind, and it’s safe to say Ibrox Noise has been Bisgrove’s biggest backer since his appointment as Commercial Director.

The amount of revenue Bisgrove has been responsible for at Ibrox is incalculable, and as weak as our finances have been the past while, they would be a tonne worse but for this commercial genius’s wheeling and dealing.

Bisgrove is a step above what Rangers frankly deserve, he’s the kind of class a top 6 club in England would expect, and his work in the position up till now has been stellar.

The class of brands Rangers have accrued under Bisgrove is titanic – Coke, Lucozade, Molton Brown, Sky Sports, Cadbury, Tennents, Vitality… the list goes on and on, and is testament to the work Bisgrove has done.

His one blip, his one single fail was the Old Firm Down Under – it was a commercially brilliant idea, but it was sadly not a good one in touch with fans, and his fellow board members knew it but threw him to the wolves to take the fall for it.

Why did it happen? Because at that point Bisgrove didn’t have a clue about the Glasgow goldfish bowl – he knew of the clubs and the significance of it but didn’t understand there was no such thing as an Old Firm friendly (a unique situation that no other rivalry in world football would suffer, not even el-clasico). Financially it would have been lucrative but it was an own goal from a man learning the emotional side of Rangers – more tellingly it was diabolical from his peers on the board to not explain to him why it was a bad idea. They just let him go for it anyway.

He knows now.

As CEO, full CEO which we’ve not had since Martin Bain, Bisgrove now will run the club. This guy’s CV is to die for, he’s the most talented suit Rangers have had ever had, and that’s no exaggeration.

Some misguided Rangers fans started blaming Bisgrove for all the ills, but they didn’t have a clue and decided they wanted a scapegoat.

He’s the one absolute positive on the board and he’s now the boss.

If he’s half as good a CEO as he was Commercial Director it’s the best move forward we’ve seen at the club in years.

This is already the best summer signing Rangers could make.


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