Ibrox Noise and how our Rangers community grew

Ibrox Noise and how our Rangers community grew
SEVILLE, SPAIN - MAY 18: Rangers fans enjoy the atmosphere before the UEFA Europa League Final outside the Cartuja Stadium on May 18, 2022 in Seville, Spain. Eintracht Frankfurt will face Rangers FC in the UEFA Europa League final on May 18, 2022. (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

We must say we’ve had a lot of support on Ibrox Noise in recent weeks, in particular, related to the specific content we put out.

See, while we may now and again veer a little off topic with the occasional wider interest story (we’ve made a few observations about political chaos occasionally and have indulged in a few ‘off-topic’ Rangers stories) generally our audience have started to really appreciate that unlike other sites which pertain to be in Rangers’ name, our content really is Rangers.

That is to say, we talk about Rangers currently and Rangers a bit into the future. We don’t talk about retro Rangers as much as we probably should, and we’ll have a look into that.

But generally, what we absolutely don’t do is tell you what Roy Makaay’s new job is, or what happened to such and such ex-player, unless, that is, it’s directly related to our club.

See, we’ve babbled a bit about Joe Aribo, Nathan Patterson and Calvin Bassey, because all three, aside Patterson to an extent, failed at their big transfers and we want to know why our best players don’t seem to excel in better leagues and levels.

But we generally veer away from the clickbait Rangers media, the stuff that really doesn’t matter, like what a player says on Twitter about what he had for dinner last night and that it was all green, or that he’s giving a tribute to an international colleague.

This stuff is irrelevant unless Rangers’ catering fed the first player and the second player’s international team-mate is also a Rangers player.

We had one guy yesterday slamming us for letting a racist comment through, while attacking us for having adverts:

We did indeed allow the racist comment through, to let everyone else slaughter the person in question, not because we endorsed it. And yes, ads – we need to keep the lights on and we’ll never charge you for our service, so ads it is.

What we tend to see is tonnes of other sites in Rangers’ name using peripheral content, social media and interviews in particular, things which really don’t make any difference to our club. We’ve seen other sites happily using attacks on our club, particularly Celtic ones, as traffic, reporting the story as fact rather than rebutting the criticism – which isn’t really a fan-site now is it?

But what inspires us is so many of you do enjoy our content because it’s honest, it’s fan-driven, and there’s a very good reason we’re the third-biggest Rangers page on fb as well as being a news and views site – we also have a 5 out of 5 ratings score of hundreds of reviews!

That’s thanks to you.

Yes, we do get the naysayers, the detractors, the abuse and the accusations – most of whom have little better to do than attack a Rangers page and website just because they don’t agree with our view on Fashion Sakala.

We don’t mind debate at all, but we do draw the line at insults, which, in fairness, is only that small minority.

The majority of you are fantastic, supportive, and we’ve tried to make Ibrox Noise a community, so we ask you where you all ‘Follow Follow’ from, or for your match predictions, giving you the sense we’re not just putting out stupid memes 24/7 and don’t care for our readers.

And we realise you can see that, and that’s why you give back so much of your time to the page and to the site.

So, thank you for your support, thank you for understanding what Ibrox Noise is all about, and here’s to yet more of our community growing.


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