Celtic fans shame Scotland as they abuse Rangers & Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard

Celtic fans shame Scotland as they abuse Rangers & Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - MARCH 25: Steven Gerrard of Liverpool shake hands with Sir Kenny Dalglish during the Legends match between Liverpool and Celtic at Anfield on March 25, 2023 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)

Celtic fans once again shamed Scotland yesterday after former Rangers manager Steven Gerrard scored for Liverpool legends against the Parkhead side at Anfield and proceeded to get pelted by all forms of missiles, before rightly walking away making a familiar thumb and forefinger ‘movement’ gesture aimed at them.

The travelling scumbags delivered exactly what we expect from these people, hurling all sorts of junk and objects at the Liverpool and Rangers icon, and what’s the catch? The ironic catch?

It was a friendly! And not just that, a friendly for charity!

So, not only could these Celtic animals not control themselves at a football match, but they overshadowed a Liverpool match played for the benefit of those less fortunate than their giro-ridden selves by chucking all kinds of objects on the pitch which could have done serious damage to ex-Rangers Gerrard or anyone else.

Was he wrong to large it up in front of them? No, because it was a friendly, it was a bit of friendly and competitive banter in which a Rangers and Liverpool man gave up some of his free time to help the needy and less fortunate and was assaulted with bottles for his trouble.

It shows these morons cannot be trusted even at a friendly charity occasion to behave themselves, to conduct themselves with an ounce of dignity.

Have we softened our stance towards Gerrard a bit? A touch, yes. He is and always will be one of us and regardless of who the brain behind 55 was, he celebrated it as much as anyone and will always be worshipped by Rangers fans for that.

His exit was poor, just like former Ibrox legend Graeme Souness all those years ago, but time does heal a bit and seeing him absolutely large it up in front of those Parkhead faithful was glorious to see.

Yes, there’s a hint of him having Celtic regalia in his past and formerly being more inclined towards them, but that all changed when he signed for Rangers and he’s completely one of us now.

His animated symbol towards that lot confirmed it…

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