Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent Unlikely To Stay at Rangers

Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent Unlikely To Stay at Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 25: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates his opening goal with Ryan Kent during the UEFA Europa League group A match between Rangers FC and Sparta Praha at Ibrox Stadium on November 25, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Insiders are convinced that Kent and Morelos are going to depart Rangers at the end of the season. Find out where they will likely land and what clubs are interested!

Will Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent Resign With Rangers?

At the end of this season, Alfredo Morelos’ and Ryan Kent’s contracts will be up at Rangers. Insiders say the odds of either star returning are low. Both are looking to make big moves over the summer, with Kent keen to play for an EPL team. Kent is more likely than Morelos to stick around with the club, reportedly ready to offer a big salary boost to keep the winger in Glasgow. No matter where Morelos and Kent land, you will still be able to follow their careers and bet on all of their matches at GGBET.

Alfredo Morelos Is Not Happy at Rangers

Morelos has had an amazing run at Rangers, scoring 76 goals in 172 appearances. The Colombian striker is known for his gritty style and his imposing physique. He can finish with either foot and seems to often will himself into scoring opportunities.

Despite his immense talent and only being 26 years old, he has found his slot as Ranger’s star striker in jeopardy. The Colombian has a history of attitude problems, and there have been increasing concerns about his fitness which saw him dropped for the PSV match in 2022.

The other issue for Morelos is Ranger’s new striker Antonio Colak. The German Croatian forward joined Rangers in 2022 and has already scored 13 goals in just 2022 appearances. Morelos has been in a battle with Colak to win the starting spot, and he appears to be losing!

Morelos’ attitude has seemingly taken a turn for the worse since Rangers signed Colak. The Colombian, who used to receive star treatment, has not enjoyed playing second fiddle to Colak. Morelos wants to be the unanimous first-choice striker, but with the German Croatian playing so well, it will be hard to convince the manager he deserves that role.

Alfredo Morelos Likely Heading to Europe

Over the years, there has been chatter about Morelos departing Rangers, but this has only intensified since the arrival of Colak. The Colombian wants to receive a pay boost to stay at Ibrox. According to insiders, the striker is demanding £45000-a-week, but the club is unlikely to meet these salary demands.

Morelos declining fitness and up-and-down form have left him out of Beale’s future plans for the club. Despite falling out of favor at Rangers, Morelos’ professional football career is far from over. At 26 years old, the Colombian still has a lot of high-level matches left in his legs.

Currently, two big European clubs are interested in signing “El Bufalo,” Sevilla and Galatasaray. There were rumors that Morelos had even signed a pre-contract with Sevilla, but that was quashed by Beale. The Colombian’s agent is still in talks with Sevilla, who are looking for some creative firepower and strength up front that can ensure they aren’t relegated from La Liga.

The legendary Turkish club Galatasaray has also been in talks with Morelos’ agent. The Turkish team is currently leading the Turkish league and is in a strong position to win the title. Manager Okan Buruk needs some talent up front as current striker Mauro Icardi is heading back to PSG.

Galatasaray could be the perfect club for Morelos. He would likely receive a healthy salary increase and get to play Champions League football. As long as he can prove he is fit and has the passion for playing at a high level, this could be a mutually beneficial move.

Rangers Desperately Want Ryan Kent to Stay

Ryan Kent is considered by many to be the best player at Rangers. The 26-year-old Liverpool academy graduate has been in fine form since he arrived in Glasgow back in 2019. Kent is a very versatile player who mostly plays as the left winger but has also shown the ability to play as a second striker or as an attacking midfielder.

In 111 appearances for Rangers, he has scored 22 goals. He has an amazing dribbling ability, and teammates say it is almost impossible to dispossess him. Kent has an outstanding work rate and routinely gets the best of one on one matchups.

At the end of 2022, Kent flat-out refused to renew his contract with Rangers. Since then, negotiations have stalled. The 26-year-old winger has not been tempted by a higher salary. His dream is to play in the EPL, and at 26, he feels this is his last chance. Every year he waits, it makes it more unlikely that a team will take a chance on him.

Who Will Sign Ryan Kent?

Currently, there are two clubs interested in Kent, Burnley, who are just two wins away from securing promotion to the EPL, and Leeds United. Despite playing well at Rangers, experts have stated that Kent has not done enough to get more EPL clubs interested. Clubs are not convinced he would have the same impact playing in the EPL as he does in the SPL due to the higher-quality players and better defenders.

Rangers are set to lose two-star players this summer. Morelos is very unlikely as Beale continues to favor new striker Colak. Morelos has had enough of playing second fiddle, and due to his up-and-down form and poor fitness, he looks resigned to the bench if he stays at Rangers. The Colombian looks set for a move to Europe and could end up at Sevilla or Galatasaray.

Rangers are trying their best to keep Ryan Kent at Rangers as they consider him one of the best players on the team. However, Kent is dead set on playing the EPL and will take a contract with any club. At the moment, there has not been much interest in England, but there is a solid chance he will end up at Burnley. With or without Kent and Morelos, you can still bet on Rangers’ games at

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