BBC & McLaughlin up to old anti-Rangers tricks as they wheel out Kyle Fox

BBC & McLaughlin up to old anti-Rangers tricks as they wheel out Kyle Fox
Still at it isn't he?

So the BBC and Chris McLaughlin is up to his old tricks again, as he contacts KRF Capital head Kyle Fox to get a story that she’s ‘withdrawn’ her Rangers offer, given that she never actually made a proper one in the first place.

The Rangers ‘takeover’ story surfaced about a year ago, the hedge fund group trying to asset-strip the club and exploit our loyal fans, under the guise of a financially-sound group.

Ibrox Noise contacted Ms Fox ourselves for comment recently to offer fan assurances about her intentions and was met with a steely silence, but Mr McLaughlin, as far from a fan group as it gets, contacted her for comment about her situation and was met with this:

“Our interest was predicated on certain conditions being met – those conditions were not met. Our letter of interest included gaining anti-dilution rights protection, two board seats and access to the data room and management interviews. All were denied.”

So, the man then runs this story as ‘US Businesswoman withdraws Rangers takeover offer’ as an attack on the club, the board, aided and abetted by the woman herself.

Meanwhile, anti-Rangers media including the clickbait sites pertaining to be in our name, run with the story in the manner the BBC and McLaughlin have presented it and even pretend chairman Douglas Park has responded to it. Which he and the board have not.

Simple terms, Rangers weren’t interested in her because she has nothing to offer – she has no capital behind her, she’s just a hedge fund who funnels other people’s money from one place to the next, and she didn’t have any funds to offer here.

If someone comes in with major cash and has good solid intentions behind them, the board is always going to listen. They’d make some money themselves and no longer have to deal with our angry fans! But they also want to know the new owners are a safe pair of hands.

But from what we understand, her ‘offer’ was about as hypothetical as it gets, no big money in place to actually substantiate it, and anything there was certainly wasn’t from any firm who has any interest in Rangers’ best needs. Would you really want our board to accept that offer?

So Rangers weren’t interested even in discussing, and it was left to rot away. But McLaughlin gives her a call, asks for a sob story about her good intentions being ignored and hey presto, ‘Rangers takeover is rejected’.

It’s even more telling that the BBC’s story on this uses the same grotty low-res photo we all have had to use of the woman herself, because they are no closer to it or her than anyone else.

No story here, just using our club as usual.

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