Rangers’ board spends £20M in 9 months, but fans aren’t happy

Rangers’ board spends £20M in 9 months, but fans aren’t happy
Fans aren't happy with Ross Wilson....

We’re in a philosophical mood today here on Ibrox Noise, and with that said, we saw some links to new players, and pondered the last two windows.

Last two windows saw £20M spent. Rangers fans might not be aware of that, but Rangers have actually been spending pre-2012 numbers and that goes back to last summer.


Fees (inc. gross and rise to/addons):
Ridvan: £6M
Davies: £4M
Colak: £3M
Matondo: £3M

And January past:

Cantwell: £1.75M
Raskin: £2M

(We wouldn’t believe the numbers on Wiki etc, they’re estimated and net)

Grand total: £19.75M.

Let’s not kid ourselves on that this Rangers board is not spending – it absolutely is, and on that level the criticism aimed at them is utterly ridiculous. While the paid-for players brought in didn’t all deliver value (Matondo and Ridvan as yet haven’t paid their fees back) the majority of signings, those that we paid for, we mean, actually have worked out.

Of the six players we’d spent good money on in the last 9 months, 4 have worked out for sure, meaning a better success rate than we might expect.

It’s in fact the freebies who have been hit and miss – Tillman will probably return to Germany whatever some think of his performances, Lawrence has been completely injured for the bulk of his time, and the same goes for Souttar.

But the actual investment in players? It’s there, and it’s been spending for sure. And guess what – it’s spent almost the same in the past year as Celtic have, so we have actually matched, give or take, their shopping.

What we’re saying is this board might not be megapopular, and deserve a lot of criticism, but they are spending the cash.

Whether that cash is theirs or loans we’re less sure, but that’s another debate. The point is the stuff that matters, buying players, we are doing, and we are taking it seriously. Ross Wilson gets such utter pelters from our fans, but the reality is his department are spending money and bringing in players.

Whether those players are all the right ones, time will be the judge of that.

But let’s not act like we’ve nothing to spend or that we’re not doing so.

The evidence points to the opposite.

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