Rangers manager Michael Beale makes shock Alfredo announcement

Rangers manager Michael Beale makes shock Alfredo announcement
Beale is ready to make biiiig changes to his Rangers squad....

Michael Beale has today reassured Rangers fans the stories of Alfredo Morelos signing a precontract aren’t true, which remains very odd given the source of the stories was so close to Morelos and Sevilla, but the manager has now officially announced the striker has told him it directly.

This would mean in a rare exception to the norm, the red tops might actually have been correct in making the seemingly unsubstantiated claim that Morelos had internally informed the club the story wasn’t true.

Either that or Beale is once again economic with the truth and saying what works for now – the source information had no reason to lie, and our sources confirmed it to be the case as well. It may well be the case that Beale has had to say this to keep things settled as much as possible, as opposed to confirming that he’s leaving which would cause a bit of heat to say the least.

The manager’s job is to protect his players and this might be a case of that.

Or it really is true, and the source information was absolutely mistaken and Sevilla haven’t secured him and he’s got no idea where he’s going.

All bets are off, even if, aside this announcement from Beale, all evidence points to him signing the deal.

In case you wondered, yes, we don’t exactly trust Beale’s comments – he’s fibbed many times as Rangers manager and will continue to do so. We think he’s honest behind the scenes and with his players, relatively, but to the press he feed a tonne of red herrings to throw the media off the scent.

We also don’t mind any of this, as long as we win on the pitch. That’s what he will be judged on, not what he says in a press conference. Unless, of course, he fails on the pitch.

As for Morelos, he will be judged too, because all eyes are on him – he’s no longer first choice, and he’s been off it for some time.

We really don’t need to see him hanging around Rangers any more but end of the day, he remains at Ibrox for now.

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  1. Also we know now at least Beale is picking players to sign, its not all Ross Wilson. He said hes hinted a few playerd to go and scout. Wonder who they are ?

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