Kyle Fox takeover attempt would be an absolute disaster for Rangers FC

Kyle Fox takeover attempt would be an absolute disaster for Rangers FC
Is this the future owner of Rangers?

With a few sites trying to make a bit deal of a potential takeover from Kyle Fox, we at Ibrox Noise are already set against her and her hedge fund coming anywhere near Rangers, following silence at our repeated requests for comment.

As Rangers fans, we are naturally concerned at any new business who intends to seize control of our club, but it is patently clear Ms Fox has no interest in serving the supporters, after she and her company completely blanked requests for a statement, showing already any intention is malevolent and there would be zero engagement with supporters and no communication whatsoever.

The businesswoman has, in one rare and unsourced statement, claimed she wants to bring value to the organisation, its fans and its investors, but given she has absolutely no proof of funding and refuses to engage with supporter groups, we’re not sure how seriously we can take her word.

This is a capital investment group, a hedge fund, all about getting money from consortiums, shoving it into a company, raising the share price and selling the shares at a profit, with absolutely no interest in running the company long term or catering to its needs.

And if they’re unwilling to speak to supporter groups before they even start, that sets off alarm bells in itself.

On bringing her ‘takeover’ attempt to the audience, Ibrox Noise readers were 99% disinterested and extremely sceptical on her intentions and could only see her as a ‘spiv’ – her employment history with Duff & Phelps certainly wasn’t endearing her to supporters following the nightmares of the past, and her group, KRF Capital has no history of investment in sports that we can identify – they seem a very shady group all about cash flow but not about having much of it of their own.

And failure to speak to their very ‘customers’ about their intentions bode extremely badly for their future prospects and would be a sign of things to come.

We already struggle for communication with this current Rangers boards, Miss Fox would be certainly 20x worse and a total disaster.

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  1. Something has to change. What I don’t know, but the fan’s MUST have someone in the board room to let us fan’s know what’s going on

  2. Fuck ibrox noise. It’s impossible to post as ads on non stop , all about the money . Print that .

  3. Total disaster. We want no speculators near Rangers. We do though need to shakevup the board at the next AGM unfortunately those in control have the majority of voting rights so its an up hil struggle. It’ll depend on what Mr King does. But no thanks Kyle , be better with Kylie Minougue

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