Rangers takeover looking closer as US investment guru closes in

Rangers takeover looking closer as US investment guru closes in
Is this the future owner of Rangers?

If there’s something we’ve left alone for quite a while, letting the story simmer, it’s been Kyle Fox’s potential takeover of Rangers, with it becoming clearer and clearer the Park family want out of the club and it’s time for fresh blood.

For those of you who don’t know, Kyle Fox is an American entrepreneur who already planned investment in Rangers, only for the club to sue her claiming she was trying to sell the club covertly and without the club’s consent.

Thing is, this was complete piffle, and the club settled the suit out of court, effectively meaning they lost.

Which means Ms Fox is back on the table, and remains interested in making a major stake in the club, and her comment directly on the story shows her willingness to be communicative and transparent:

“I have always been, and will continue to be, open and transparent with Rangers’ board, shareholders, and investors. I look forward to putting the lawsuit behind us and continuing to explore opportunities to bring value to the Rangers organisation, its loyal fans, investors, and other stakeholders through KRF Capital’s proposed acquisition of a significant ownership interest in the club.”

Years ago, American Bill Miller was xenophobically chased out of town before Charles Green then got his hands on the club, a decision the majority of fans were disgusted by in light of the minority who decided a ‘Yanks go home’ banner was the best path forward.

But now? While so many fans want Dave King back, the reality is we simply want our club run well, as long as there are also good Rangers men (and women) on the board doing what’s right, speaking for the fans and ensuring any investors or owners who come in are kept ‘right’ on how to plan forward.

See, we observe American owners down south – but for every toxic Glazer you have the more impressive Henry – sure, he, and other American owners might not be super popular but you only have to look at the success on the pitch and the massive growth in the past decade of Liverpool’s brand.

A combination of good business sense and good Rangers sense would be perfect – the current regime has no owner – Rangers have had no owner since SDM, unless you want to count the criminal Whyte, but the reality is it’s the way forward.

Fox is part of KRF Capital and Ibrox Noise has written to the company for comment.

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  1. Really the court case was a bit out of hand ✋,if miss Fox is willing too put money into rangers f.c,I say give her a shot, we’ve been waiting on king for how long now the only thing I wonder about is how much percent she wants in the club 🇬🇧

  2. Go for it. Americans or even aliens from a far off
    Planet would do a better job of increasing ability and success on the park than the amateurs currently failing in their duty to Rangers and a loyal support. Sadly any new administration needs also to appoint a new manager/coach as Gio is regrettably not the man to fill the post. Perhaps someone of international experience.or even past occupancy could be invited in this case Whatever happens a total board clearance is a necessity.DO IT NOW!

  3. Go for it! THe present amateurs on the Board must be sent packing now. Their continued presence and negativity is fast destroying a famous club. New blood and finance can only be a wise move plus regrettably the search for a new manager/coach should be the first action of new owners in an endeavour to return Rangers to the pinnacle of Scottish football.

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