Shocking Rangers message isn’t good enough as club concedes defeat

Shocking Rangers message isn’t good enough as club concedes defeat
What chance did he have?

We have to say the difference between Rangers and Celtic’s Champions League ambitions is extremely worrying, and not what we should be hearing from our club at all.

Celtic are all about getting better, being more bold, and firmly believing they deserve to be at that level, whether they actually do or not. They intend to sign players capable of competing at that level come January and next summer.

Rangers? We’re not good enough and that’s about all we can say on it.

Rangers’ attitude has been extremely surrendering, quite contrary to the ‘No Surrender’ our club stands for, and it’s them lot across the city who are determined to return to the UCL and make a bigger fist of it. Their manager, love or hate him, speaks like a man unwilling to cave and determined to make a mark on the competition.

Our manager? We don’t have the money, it was a learning experience, and we’re not good enough at this level. Not a single positive word of ambition, and not much good to say about our campaign either.

It’s not what we expect to hear from a Rangers manager, and indeed telling the squad and the fans that we don’t have the money and our players can’t compete is quite opposite to what we’re hearing from them across the city.

We don’t care what comes out of Parkhead, never did, but we do care about the messages from our club, and the self-defeating woe is us nonsense is absolutely ridiculous. He’s factually correct to say what he said, but putting it out publicly and just saying this level is too high (which he said yesterday) is absolutely handwringing and little more than apologist behaviour.

Not good enough? The comments are what’s not good enough and we as Rangers fans expect better than to hear our club unfurl the white flag and concede defeat. No ambition, no getting better players, no nothing.

This is not what Rangers are about, ever have been about, or ever should be about. This is not the defiant We Welcome The Chase mentality which defines us.


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  1. There is NO CHANCE of the mhanky mob signing players capable of competing in CL , unless there is an Arab consortium ready to take over.
    Despite the bs chunky spouting them and our level is EUL or maybe conference ,as has been shown .
    Just being a realist .

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