Gio finally reveals he DOESN’T make final call on Rangers signings

Gio finally reveals he DOESN’T make final call on Rangers signings
What chance did he have?

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has finally addressed the question of who makes the final call on signings by admitting he’s not the one who has executive decision.

Speaking before Rangers face St Johnstone this weekend, the manager found himself directly being asked if he had control over signings and unlike 3+ months ago when he would have been extremely cryptic and avoided the question completely, Gio was a lot more forthcoming this time when he laid it out in black and white:

“When you have signings you will have signings who will adapt quicker or who will (get selected) quicker in the lineup – that’s obvious for every team. The focus when it doesn’t go well is always on the players who aren’t playing. As I said before we had a plan to get new players in which is always the case when you lose many players from last season. We were finished quite early in the window with all the acquisitions we had. You work with a list with the scouting team, of course we have players I follow myself and in the end due to various reasons you come to the players we have brought in now. It’s not about who makes the final call, we make the call together and I think that’s normal.”

Rough translation:

Gio has some players he watches, the scouting system and Ross Wilson has theirs, and at the end of the day everyone gets together and agrees on who should come in or not.

Giovanni himself does not make the signings, but he has recommendations he gives to the scouting system and collectively it’s decided who they will sign.

And at the end of the day, this is how a coach works, but not a manager – if the others don’t like who Gio wants, that player doesn’t come in, if he doesn’t like who the others have recommended, that player probably doesn’t come in either.

Unfortunately you end up, with this system, with compromise – players with the least amount of disagreement the management decide to go for unless by a miracle someone recommends someone and everyone likes him.

So, the true answer – no, Gio doesn’t make the final call on signings, he is just a part of the system to bring in the players.

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  1. Our scouts should have been fired years ago, we have seriously the worst signings for over a decade, broken leg, come to Rangers, hole in the heart, come to Rangers, played 20 minutes in 2 years, come to Rangers, still wearing nappies, come to Rangers, in a wheel chair, come to Rangers, it is an absolute fucking joke the people we sign and medics are even worse, a clear out from top to bottom including Tav, who l rated when we were in the bottom leagues, he will never be the late great Johnny Hubbard, not a single club the same as that clown Goldson who I’ve never rated, overpaid fucking lazy snowflakes but l place the scouse rhat for giving one the captains armband and another to vice captain, then we gave a finished goalie who cost us the league last year another season worth a couple of million a year, no wonder the scum from the east are laughing at us 24 hours a day

  2. So basically he tells the board the positions he needs to strengthen and has absolutely no say in the players signed at all

  3. Still no excuse when he came in the door we were 4 points ahead of the manky mob and still lost the league as we did not play the way we can but in europa cup the system they were playing was the way Gerrard and Beal had them playing and got us to the final and won the scottish cup with the same system in every other game we’ve played the way gio says to play and it is not good enough it’s boring to watch it and no shape to it players look lost ok it’s not all his fault but it’s him who takes it and he’s got to live with it never seen a manager who never shouts or show emotions at the side of the park and then takes a seat in the dugout for 10 minutes that’s not a good thing to do that and he’s always negative about things so he must go ASAP and some of the board as well get it sorted out ASAP rangers we will not put up with it much longer

  4. What s spot on post from Seb.
    The big question is how we change this or are we going to be second rated for years to come!

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