Colak evades Champions League topic as Rangers striker looks forward

Colak evades Champions League topic as Rangers striker looks forward
Some fans really don't like him....

Antonio Colak has, in his first real press conference as a Rangers player, shown that despite English not being his first language, he is a canny and intelligent man who knows when to avoid questions and how to talk to the press.

Speaking before Rangers face St Johnstone this weekend, Colak was asked twice about the Champions League and his opinion of how the side did, but ‘appeared’ to struggle with translation of the question and answered something else entirely.

However when asked about Croatia and the call up to the national team preliminary squad Colak understood the question just fine as he had all questions up till the UCL ones and all those after it.

There are two modes Rangers players can take – they can take the James Sands route of directly addressing the topic, and possibly being ‘wrong’ in how they do so, or quite simply take the Colak route of avoiding the topic completely and pretending he didn’t understand the question properly.

We all know the UCL was a disaster, and we’re not sure Colak was the right person to ask, simply because he did little wrong in his appearances, with barely any service – so rather than throw his team mates under the bus (like some would and have) he avoided the question pretending to misunderstand entirely.

Colak is a smart guy, he knows what stuff he’s capable of responding to and what he should generally avoid – and the UCL topic is one he feels he shouldn’t really address at all. He clearly doesn’t want to, given how poor the campaign went. And decided to answer a deliberate misinterpretation of the question to avoid attacking his team mates or putting out any more negative vibes on the topic.

We can’t really say we blame him for this. This UCL campaign should be consigned to the dustbin and disregarded entirely. It’s all about 56 for Rangers now, and maybe a cup or two thrown in for good measure. In truth, that was always the priority and for player of the month Colak, he’s focused on that only along with the world cup.

Quite right.

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