Rangers fans will be shocked at the latest about Ryan Kent

Rangers fans will be shocked at the latest about Ryan Kent
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JULY 19: Ryan Kent of Rangers is seen in action during the pre-season friendly match between Rangers and West Ham United at Ibrox Stadium on July 19, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The stats confirmed by Opta yesterday revealing what Ibrox Noise has been telling you for weeks, will probably have a lot of Rangers fans seething.

Ryan Kent is confirmed as the most prolific chances creator in the SPL, and despite all the digs Rangers fans have been giving him lately, he tops the list of the league’s most creative player with 39, which will simply be ignored by his masses of detractors who want to believe Fashion Sakala’s aimless running into cul-de-sacs makes him the better player.

The facts speak for themselves, and yes, Kent would be the first to admit his assists and goals this season have been pathetic, 5 assists and a goal in 19 appearances this season is well below what he’d want, but the idea the guy doesn’t work, is lazy, and produces nothing up front is a complete lie, a fabrication based on a growing dislike of him probably due to the non-signed contract.

No, Kent is number one for chances created, and we’re sure many of those who have been criticising him lately will either ignore, dismiss or downright rage at this number, calling it a lie, but the fact is he makes more chances in attack than any other player in the SPL.

It probably doesn’t fit with his detractors’ agenda to big up the rather ineffective Sakala as a way of attacking Kent, but Kent doesn’t run aimlessly, and he almost always has an end product – a key pass, an accurate cross, a dribble – it just lacks enough assists and goals.

He’d put his hands up to that not being good enough, and there’s no getting around that it isn’t, but the stats confirm that no one in the SPL is more creative in the final third than Kent, especially for minutes played. Tavernier is joint with 39 but he’s played around 300 minutes more.

It’s just a pity there’s not the form around Kent to make anything of the work he does, with no Hagi, Aribo any more, or anything useful on the right wing – Roofe, perhaps.

So it’s much easier to just bash him eh?

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  1. Hoow do they define a chance though? A secondary chance is, by the small print, a pass to someone who hass created a chance. Seems a bit of soft stat to give there. Yous watch every game like the rest of us can you think of 10 chances them 2 have created nevermind 40. What so they class as a chance, a cross? A half chance a pass that’s touched one of our players in the box? I tell ye one thing they have not crated nearly 80 clear cut chances between them, not a mission!!

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