Rangers must not make huge summer contract mistake ever again

Rangers must not make huge summer contract mistake ever again
Davois the interim coach at Rangers (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers made a massive mistake last summer, and it’s one we’ve ended up paying for considerably. It’s also something we must learn from going into next year with eleven players out of contract in the summer, and that mistake is doling out new contracts to players that are past their sell-by date.

Allan McGregor and Steven Davis were two contracts which simply added no value to the squad, and ended up costing us a season’s wages where new talent would have been better placed – the one contract last summer which has vindicated itself was Scott Arfield.

But the other two? Finished, unfortunately the occasional decent performance aside, these two are done.

And next summer sees them as well as Ryan Jack, Filip Helander, Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent to name just four that find their deals expiring.

There is absolutely no value extending McGregor, Davis or Helander – the former two are just too old now, while the latter’s Rangers spell has been utterly ruined by injury. Of course, he’ll be injury-free the moment he leaves, but as long as he’s here, it will be one injury after another.

And that’s the mistake we must not repeat. Rangers cannot waste yet more wages on more deals for players who cannot repay that value. One player of three justifying their contract isn’t enough, it has to be the vast majority, and next summer we’d be very surprised if McGregor, Davis, Jack and Helander remained at Ibrox purely on value terms.

Morelos and Kent? Well they never signed their deals – clearly their plans are elsewhere, and neither of them has spoken to the press for a very long time to suggest otherwise, so we can’t see either signing the new contracts.

James Sands and Malik Tillman’s loan deals end too of course but both have option to buy and it’s possible that will be made permanent in both cases, but also it’s possible it won’t.

Which means it’s likely at least six-eight players will depart in the summer, and probably many more besides.

Rangers need a proper overhaul, some real money spent, and some real dead wood cleared out. We’d like to see the exits of a lot of players – Kemar Roofe another, Jon McLaughlin obviously another, and Kamara is yet one more name.

There’s a lot of chafe among Rangers’ squad, and with the out of contracts on the horizon for exits, we can see much changing in the summer.

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  1. Massive overhaul required in the summer now foolish from the board half of this could have been done last summer with Davis mcgregor mcglauchlin arfield out of contract could have brought youth to an ageing squad now it’s a full clear out next year.

  2. I never thought for a minute this season that we’d make any serious impact on the CL given such a long absence from the group stages but with some sensible spending we’d maybe have picked up enough points for third place. This was the shop window for some of these players to prove themselves or attract suitors but we all know what transpired. Europe is by the by though and we can’t really complain after reaching a final last season. These players might not get another chance though.

    From the players mentioned here, McGregor and Davis were certainly mistakes. Arfield had a little bit more to give so his position is more understandable although we could have just as easily let him go. Souttar was also a mistake the same way as Roofe was and others in the past. History of injuries is not a term that should make you want to part with your cash. Also time to call it a day with Jack surely?

    It wouldn’t have been such a gamble to keep Katic and Balogun given how injuries have been this season. The Morelos and Kent situation is a bit of a sticking point. We paid handsomely for Kent for what has been a very poor return. For an attacker his assist rate has been really inconsistent and occasionally even non existent and his goal return is even worse. He doesn’t really even entertain us by any way of consolation. I’d have to say letting him go free is a better option than resigning him now.

    If Morelos could be turned back into a lean, hungry goalscorer who looks like he loves playing the game then he would still be an asset. Same goes for Kamara if he’d just show interest, stop tripping on his lip and get over the Europa/title hangover that has affected much of the squad he could lead our midfield the way he did for Finland in the Euros.

    I’m still not convinced Sands and Tillman are worth the outlay required to make them permanent but maybe they will prove themselves consistently before the season ends.

  3. Yet lots of people were shouting to get McGregor in the team . Kamara isn’t interested another who’s wanting away . Too much indecision around the squad signings and the manager is starting to become a bit more vocal with his complaints which isn’t always a bad thing

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