Angry Rangers supporters confront James Tavernier after St Johnstone debacle

Angry Rangers supporters confront James Tavernier after St Johnstone debacle
Rangers captain James tavernier stands there and listens to what a fan has to say.

Rangers supporters made their feelings clear after St Johnstone with heavy haranguing and criticism of the players as they left for the bus, with captain James Tavernier being heavily targeted for a lot of the criticism, and fair play to him, standing there and listening.

We took abuse from some quarters on Ibrox Noise for our piece on Tavernier, a piece we stand by every word of. Sure, it was delivered with a bit of emotion, but what would you rather, emotional honesty from true fans or the clickbait nonsense from sites in our name but aren’t from fans at all?

As for the supporters, they had every right to give the players a piece of their mind, including Tavernier who has lived rent free at Ibrox for far too long without delivering worthiness of his role – but he is, and let’s be clear, absolutely not the only issue.

A tonne of our players have downed tools this season – Kent, Kamara, Morelos to name but three. Yes, we’re well aware Kent has created more chances than anyone else in the SPL, and he’s not been the worst offender of all this, but he’s nowhere near the level he used to be and his mind is elsewhere.

But the point? Tav isn’t the only guilty party – the whole squad with few exceptions (Lunny, Colak, Arfield are among those who have kept at it) have simply not been up to scratch this season, and fans have every right to hold them to account on this.

We would never endorse abuse – any abusive comments made today have no place in football, albeit sadly they always do so that’s falling on deaf ears. But emotional anger well-placed and articulated fairly is just, and supporters doing that today is tolerable.

Fans must be allowed to make their messages – just like sites like Ibrox Noise must be allowed to express ours, and the audience allowed to respond – and if fans want to have a go at the players who clearly aren’t delivering for the club, they have our backing.

Will it actually made much difference? Probably not.

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  1. Just a shame nobody gave him a few jabs to knock him off his high horse, he should be hunted out of Scotland, the fans have had enough of the wage thief

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