It is surely time up for James Tavernier at Rangers after another disaster

It is surely time up for James Tavernier at Rangers after another disaster
Tavernier at his best....

We saw a comment on Ibrox Noise’s social channels some days ago, and it absolutely nailed the situation with James Tavernier on its head:

Our captain has been living off luck and fortune and the goodwill of three managers in a row, with absolutely no merit keeping him there whatsoever.

Sure, he was superb for the first half of 55, but guess what, Ryan Jack was doing all his defending for him. When left to his own devices, he simply can’t do it. And how many goals has it cost Rangers over the years when Jack wasn’t fit or at his best?

We look at his stats at the other end, and yes, they are very impressive for a RB. But Tavernier IS a RB, and he’s not supposed to be taking every penalty (which is where the bulk of his goals come from btw), and while he’s high up the pitch there is absolutely no cover for his side of defence.

Are Rangers out of the UCL and title race because of Tavernier?

We can’t say yes, but we sure can’t say no. How many goals have we leaked as a result of his mindless runs up the pitch and abandonment of his post? It’s like Tavernier wants to be the hero all the time, so attacks as much as he can to get that glory, the assist, the goal, the penalty – but he forgets the day job, the defending, the bread and butter.

Meaning the team suffers frequently for his regular errors.

Now, the Tav brigade will be out in force screaming ‘where were all you Tav haters when he was so brilliant last season, aye?’. Well, actually he wasn’t that good last season, you’re thinking of 55. And as we say, it WAS only the first half. He was literal garbage after the new year of 2020/21.

Overall, his time at Rangers can be summed up by the interest in him from England, even EFL Championship sides. One bid, 3+ years ago, from Championship West Brom of about £1.5M.

In seven years at Rangers, it’s the only one we ever got. Because it’s patently clear to see Tavernier isn’t up to it at any higher than SPL level, and even then he’s now clearly struggling at that.

We don’t like ‘hate’ articles, and we absolutely do not hate Tav, or any other Rangers player – we just want the best for our team and Tavernier isn’t the best RB. We regret so much selling Patterson, who could have been a legend for our club, and now we’re stuck with Tav like we are with Goldson for Lord knows how long.

As for captaincy? Don’t make me laugh – he is the worst established captain Rangers have probably ever had. Weak, mentally frail, and no presence. No one respects him at all.

He can’t lead a dog never mind a team.

No, we’re done with Tav as a player as well as already being done with him as captain.

Hopefully League 2 Barnet make a bid in January and we can move on from him.

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  1. Summed him up perfectly IN, he reminds me of Windass, the disappearing king, it really should be his last outing in a Rangers shirt and boy do l wish the Baggies had got him as he wouldn’t be our problem now, but then again, he is getting paid handsomely like the Rangers management for doing fuck all, l have always hated Tav, ever since he was found out breeding dogs and mutilating the pups ears and then there is his sidekick Goldson, another clown l hate with a passion, you might not hate them but l do and always have, praying they would break a leg each

    Rangers are an absolute shambles, who in their right mind would take over our Club with the mess and the lies from the top right down to the bottom

    Absolutely pig sick of it and letting the scum every minute laughing at us

    My good friend took his life 4 years ago and it was all to do with Rangers, he took the easy way out when the rest of us have to suffer this humiliation day after day after day

  2. sounds about right, blame Tav, he’s at fault, never mind the fact that with some 20 corners today no one in the damned team had the ability to score from one of them! they spend their time looking for opportunities instead of MAKING them they had 73% of the possession and did nothing with it, the only one that scored was Tav and he’s the one you are blaming for todays travesty!? Gio names the starting 11, Gio is the one who tells them what tactics to use and Gio is responsible for the sub’s that he uses and when he uses them and is ultimately responsible for what happened today. yes the board dictate the money that is spent on players but Gio should be fighting them all the way instead he has let the team down – if you’re looking for someone to blame its GIO!!

  3. Ive never been a fan of Tav from day one,he’s never been a defender in his life,ive often took stick fod my dislike of Tav as a defender,but i’ll always stick by my opinion

  4. Stuck by tav for far too long when Patterson was there and ready yescwe got good money bit much more accomplished defender and not down tools like tav not a rangers captain

  5. Whole club is in a mess at this time, I fear that this is going to take years to rid the club of the culture within it.
    Tab is so infuriating, his crossing is a joke and has been for years , he gets into a great position and then simply bloopers the ball as hard as he can, how many times have we seen his crosses and corners fly over everyone’s head and out the far side of the field
    As a captain their is no leadership attributes at all, Rangers are in a way of only playing for half a game, if we start badly nothing changes until we go in at half time, this shows that there is no on field leaders to drag us up. If we start the second half badly then that is it nothing will change for rest of game.

    Goodson, although we are missing him at the moment, is in my opinion the person to blame for this walking football we employ, going way back to his partnership with Worrall he constantly slows the game down, demands his central defensive partner constantly plays square passes to him and then back again, he tried it with Bassey last year until big Calvin developed and started to carry the ball forward himself or looked for a forward pass.

    Fed up hearing that other teams always raise their games against us, we make it far to easy for them with our slow side/back ways passing, even lower league teams have time to get back into their shape and frustrate us, we are so predictable that it is painful.

  6. Shambles yet again from top to bottom. Went backwards since 55. Gutless and spineless. We need fresh young blood. Not players in their 30s. Attack is the best form of defense not keep the ball. Season is over. Time to start YET again

  7. Not only Tav, Barasic is the same good going forward but neither can defend, both play to narrow, the ammount of times players get round the back of them,in a game is frightening, obviously it’s the way VB wants them to play,it’s not rocket science any manager watching Rangers must think he is watching school boy errors their first job is to defend but they haven’t got a clue.

  8. Yeh let’s dig out one man The Captain It’s all his fault we are out of Champions League ,it was his fault we lost 4-0 at Parkhead,he was solely to blame for EVERY poor performance this season
    Don’t blame those who can’t string 2 games together without being out for 3-4 months at a time through Injury
    All Rangers failures lie at the hands of one man

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