McLaughlin has to go as Gio decision finally costs Rangers

McLaughlin has to go as Gio decision finally costs Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 21: Jon McLaughlin of Rangers is replaced by Allan McGregor of Rangers as Robbie Neilson, Manager of Heart of Midlothian looks on during the Scottish Cup Final match between Rangers and Heart of Midlothian at Hampden Park on May 21, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Ok, we called this months ago, to the face of abuse from supporters who knew better, but we always knew Jon McLaughlin would cost us dearly one day.

And today was that day.

Jon McLaughlin, as we have said many times on Ibrox Noise, is miles off the standard required to be a Rangers goalie.

His very CV is utterly mediocre, and Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s decision to make him first choice has finally, truly, and utterly bit him in the backside today as this average journeyman quickly signed for Celtic to give them an assist.

Any Rangers fan who ever truly believed McLaughlin was good enough to be our number one has eminently lower standards than what we ascribe traditional Rangers fans to have.

Will Gio finally drop him?

We think it’s time to give McCrorie and McGregor the shirt between them.

McGregor is older, but still got matches in him. McCrorie has all the potential in front of him.

But McLaughlin has to be finished as number one. As a deputy, he’s ok, he’s not awful, but as the main man he’s punching above his weight at Ibrox.

He’s not the only issue we have at the back, but he is a big one.

Gio, you got this one wrong.

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  1. Yes he’s done …not 2 not 3..DONE . Get him to fuck. There are more the him who need benched or sacked. Kent joke, Sands total shite never a CH .

  2. Always said from day 1 we needed a new goalkeeper in the window, i was fine with him being back up. Now i dont even want that, i want gone from rangers all together. Fucking pathetic he is.

  3. agree i’d never play him again, his error today is unforgivable, however, you guys support the manager…….and he picks the team.

  4. I said that McLaughlin should be given a chance but as of today he is finished pathetic at 1st goal and as the 4th nothing can excuse that. McCrorie should be in after Wednesday where McGregor should play. What annoys me is that Zander Clark was available all summer on a free transfer and he signs for Hearts. As for the rest today totally pathetic sleeping at throws ins, corner kicks and too busy looking at referee while play raged on. Even the ball boys know what to do when it is Celtics ball it is thrown to a Celtic player quickly when it was Rangers ball it was delayed. Have little confidence that we will not suffer some doings in the Champions League which will do nothing for confidence going forward.

    • So McLaughlin isn’t good enough (he’s not) but the Hearts reserve goalie is? I’ve never understood the support behind Zander Clark. Average at best.

  5. McLaughlin had a miserable afternoon and it’s high time we brought in a quality goalkeeper. Beggars belief we haven’t done that yet. However, what really got my goat this afternoon was not so much McLaughlin’s mistakes – far better goalkeepers have gifted their opposition a goal by misplacing a pass straight to them – but what happened immediately before Celtic scored their goals. Our players were slow, careless, not focused. If we had defended better and had been more focused, some of their goals may not have happened.

  6. Keeper made one blunder and he’s hung out to dry, what about the other 10 that are supposed to support the keeper, 10 infront of the keeper were AWOL, especially the captain Tavernier, didn’t realise he was on the pitch until the 2nd half

  7. Been saying all summer that we needed an international class keeper if we aren’t going to show faith in McCrorie. We have stuck with a defence which failed to retain the title last season despite initially looking miles ahead of them and now we are playing Sands as a CB because the manager doesn’t have faith in King. Gio has his hands tied with injuries but he is picking workmanlike sides with no guile. Kent is probably the most frustrating of all. I fail to see what he is offering us most of the time? A little drop of the shoulder and a run where he either loses possession or ends up checking back. We’ve been blessed with some great wingers over the years but he really isn’t one of them. A little run of form last season and suddenly Lundstram is now one of the first names on the teamsheet? Right now he is making me nervous with clumsy tackles. This team is walking headlong into a disaster of a season and our goalkeeping problem is only a small part of a much bigger issue.

  8. Boy was i right heres what i wrote i my last post before the game,heres the warning-
    “I hope McLaughlin is ready for this one,he is going to be a big factor in this game,McGregor had to make some incredible stops in the past oldfirms”
    And it will be 8 points behind after the sheep game if we dont get our fkn act together
    Time to take stock and learn from this ballsup

  9. This is very simple. Alan McGregor is by a distance a better goalkeeper than Jon McLaughlin. If Gio considers that McGregor is now too old and can’t perform at previous levels that’s ok but why the feck was he given a new contract.

  10. I dont get people saying ” aye mclaughlin was bad but defence was also ” so what ? no one defending defence they were also shit ,we are just pointing out gk terrible ALONG with defence ,The gk and defence will NOT do doesnt matter who is more to blame …..

  11. McLaughlin was not the only one, Goldsen must go if you hassle him he bottles it losses the ball or player.
    Davies too old too slow we need to bring someone with the idea to move the ball forward and stop this mucking about between two defenders and the goalkeeper

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