Disaster at Parkhead as Rangers & Gio completely flunk it

Disaster at Parkhead as Rangers & Gio completely flunk it
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: David Turnbull of Celtic celebrates with teammates after scoring their team's fourth goal during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at Celtic Park Stadium on September 03, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Well Gio achieved the impossible today, he managed to unlearn everything from February and caused an even worse display at Parkhead in probably the most humiliating Old Firm performance from a Rangers team since Warburton lost 5 at this ground.

There is no question there’s a tonne of stuff to get through here, but as much praise as our manager deserves for Europe, he has to take our horrific domestic form on the chin.

And away from home, there’s no question whatever you think of Stavros’ side, Gio’s didn’t turn up today.

He picked the wrong midfield again (Lundstram and Davis can’t play together) and relied on a defence which is far from reliable.

But the players play the biggest role. To a one they were pathetic today, far too much bottling and not enough guts.

This was another cowardly Parkhead performance from a side starting to get used to doing this in league encounters on their patch.

But of course much of the criticism is aimed at McLaughlin for effectively 3 (4?) howlers.

We hate to say we told you so – we have been against this guy from the word go, but so many fans gave us stick for that.

Today, you see why we opposed this decision.

We’ll go into it all in more detail, but 56 is already pulling away as a 5 point lead forms.

This was a real sickener.

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  1. Accept it the League has gone. He has to go , we will NEVER win the League with this bottler in charge. Gio OUT.

  2. every fellow fan i spoke to during the week fully expected us to get pumped, so this isn’t a surprise – but it hurt like feck, our incompentance makes them look good

  3. I have said the same about Mclaughlin he’s a fucking disgrace to the Jersey, he should never play for the Famous again. GVB got totally out thought today. We were awful. No desire no guts no idea. All of them total garbage exposed by a team that pressed and chased every ball . Joke …I said the Transfers dealings and financial mismanagement would be a massive mistake .

    • Celtic are not as good as PSV. Gio does ok in Europe and if we finish 2nd or 3rd in CL group then we are still in it. That alone is worth more than the title in Scotland.

      However I have to agree with you Bill.

      • Definitely a glass half full kind of guy Ken. Out of that shambles today you see a second in the CL group, presumably behind Liverpool but above Ajax and Napoli.

  4. A week of really awful bad management on, and off the field. From not spending enough in Transfer window, to not bringing in enough players for the right positions, to letting players that we need go, then to a horrible starting line up.

  5. The far, far better team won. Celtic were everything we weren’t. They were aggressive from the start, quick-thinking, pressed high and chased every ball like a pack of wolves, caused havoc in our defence and were clinical in front of goal. We were slow, slipshod and didn’t create next to nothing upfront. I fear if they keep playing like this, 56 will be nothing but pie in the sky. Aberdeen at Pittodrie next!

  6. Outclassed in every department, could have easily been a 9-0 drubbing like Dundee utd. An ageing team with no leaders, and the only tactic of frustrating play was defeated by an early goal. After that there was no come back. One of the easiest celtic victories in history.

  7. Just seen the score, l warned you, seen it coming but l got slated for it, absolutely fucking sickening, l told you Gio was not the man to take us forward, no motivation, no balls, no fuck all

  8. Complete shambles everywhere, defense wide open, midfield asleep, zero threat up front … Rangers acted like a punch bag

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