It’s not just Connor Goldson Rangers need to drop

It’s not just Connor Goldson Rangers need to drop
PAISLEY, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 16: Connor Goldson of Rangers reacts during the Betfred Cup Quarter-Final match between St Mirren and Rangers at The Simple Digital Arena on December 16, 2020 in Paisley, Scotland. The match will be played without fans, behind closed doors as a Covid-19 precaution. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Ok, this is a blunt article, which may not be for the ‘just support the team ffs’ brigade. And that’s fine, they can leave.

For the more critical and objective thinkers above our fans, of which there are many, we wanted to be direct and look at the players who are performing, and who aren’t.

Who needs dropped, who’s on a shoogly peg, and who’s fine?

Ibrox Noise takes you through the lot:



He’s just not good enough. He doesn’t live up to any of our good goalies of the past never mind the great ones. While McGregor isn’t getting any younger, we’d have a combination of him and Robby McCrorie.


This guy is miles off it in both quality and attitude. He’s having a horrible season and frankly his domestic campaign last season was pretty rotten too. He needs a major time out.


Doesn’t want to be here and it shows, the Finn lost out on his move to Nice and an-already obvious apathy was magnified on Wednesday with the fewest touches aside Colak. He’s just not interested any more.


We’ll get abuse and heat for this, but he and Lundstram cannot play together. They do not work. One of them has to be on the bench, which in fairness Davo mostly actually is. And Lundstram, while he’s not hitting the heights of last season yet, is the future. He’s also playing out of position. Back to basics Gio.


This guy has been a horrific signing. While his actual goalscoring stats are shockingly not bad at all, watching him play is like Forest Gump in a Rangers shirt. Lovely guy, but miles off the standard needed.


His performance in Holland was absolutely tragic. 25% passing average is the worst we can remember ever in the professional game, even at domestic level. Atrocious. He’s an honest player who we have respect for but we’d never start him.

Shoogly peg:


We like this lad a lot more than some fans, but he’s still learning how to defend, and he’s not even a defender by trade. He’s one we’re keeping our eye on but he’s still only young.


He’s not at it this season, very flat by his standards, and his goalscoring prowess is horrible. He does the same thing almost every time – cuts in, modest shot with right foot and either hits the post or misses entirely. Definitely lacking a bit of inspiration at the moment.



It’s his time, simple as that. He’s ready to give it a go. If it doesn’t work out, we at least know for sure.


As we said earlier, this guy needs in the first team because frankly he has earned it too. Little more to add to this.


Honestly? He’s not exactly shone but there’s got to be something there for Wales to start him a dozen times. He’s talented, but he needs confidence. He actually did ok in Holland.

And then you have the season reliables/stars:

Scotty Arf, who never lets us down, Tavernier who has been mostly good this season bar one horror show in Holland, and Barisic who’s risen to the challenge of Yilmaz and probably been our best defender. Tillman has also been mostly very good, and while Colak may have struggled in the last two with no service, he’s definitely been a star signing.

The problem is so many players aren’t available:

Souttar, Helander, Davies, Hagi, Roofe and Lawrence, with a special mention to the rather struggling Yilmaz as well. Morelos is still regaining fitness and Ryan Jack doesn’t seem to be his old self any more.

Yes, our squad could be in much better condition at present, but there are some tweaks our manager could definitely make.

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  1. Hard to disagree with any of that. But you do realise we are already playing a midfielder (Sands) at centre half and if you drop the other one (Goldson) we will end up with 2 midfielders at centre back. That’s where our appalling transfer strategy has put us.

  2. Very interested to read the katic comments today ,no communication from coaches and gio saying he was not his type of defender ,course he”s not …he prefers the ones who make constant mistakes and cannot defend ffs .

  3. Agree with most of this article – particularly the need to drop McGlauchlan – worst keeper to pull on a Rangers Jersey in the 590 years I have supported them. Probably a major part of the nervy defensive performances as the defenders cannot rely on any help from him.

  4. Cannot understand why yilmav has criticism has not really been given much opportunity to shine as for goldson would never have him in the team and as was young mcrorie I think he would rise up to be a great keeper but once again doesn’t get game time this is my own personal opinion

    • If you’ve seen Yilmaz you should know. Too small, too lightweight, not particularly quick and no obvious outstanding skills. Most of these things you can’t do much about. I think we have literally been sold a Turkey.

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