Gio confirms he will stick with Jon McLaughlin in goals for Rangers

Gio confirms he will stick with Jon McLaughlin in goals for Rangers
Well that lasted long....

Rangers fans are set to be both shocked yet unsurprised that Jon McLaughlin keeps his place in goal tomorrow night as Rangers travel to Holland.

Gio has confirmed 99% that he sticks with his man, despite everything we’ve witnessed this season, and will expect an improvement from him at the Johan Cruyff Arena rather than going with either trusted old hand Allan McGregor or the apparent incumbent in waiting Robby McCrorie.

We are firmly against this decision, and it does start to slightly question for the first time our faith in Gio that he believes a League One goalie is good enough for Rangers against Ajax.

That he is completely loyal to his man regardless of empirical evidence demonstrating his insufficiency for the role.

This happened before – gaffe after gaffe by Ronald Wattereus which arguably cost Alex McLeish his job, ditto Lionel Letizi before PLG relented and gave the shirt to Allan McGregor.

If Gio persists along McLeish’s lines by sticking with the subpar option, he only has himself to blame for what transpires.

We absolutely, desperately, want to be proven wrong, that Gio is bang on and McLaughlin is about to bloom into the form of his life.

Hope is all we can do.

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  1. As I’ve said in numerous posts it’s another key mistake the same as letting Katic go that will cost us the league the whole season ffs , Mclaughlin is brutal . This is developing into a shambles the board picking un winnable arguments GVB stubbornly sticking with plan A. Even if we get a result with a weakened Ajax it solves buggerall. We go to a Pittodrie and the SS on Saturday 5 points behind the rotten mob, the SS will sweat blood to do us as much damage as they can , indifference to the weak and embarrassing display they produced at the midden .

  2. Unbelievable 😭 as you say ,not doing himself any favours at all .I also see his press conference earlier and he confirmed that VERY happy with his squad ,did not need any new players and that rangers did NOT have plenty of money ….I mean really? Whos kidding who ? 😳🤔

  3. After watching the rotten mob get outplayed and outclassed it magnified how overrated they are, yes it was Real but omg they looked exactly what they are overhyped playing in a pish league and with no recent European experience or ability lolol

  4. Wtf did we keep McGregor for,to play against QOS,you can see his face is tripping him,its all been handled very badly indeed

  5. As has been said ,a win tonight whether it is v a poor ajax team or not ,does NOT solve our problems .They were shown up for what they are ,however we seem to make THEM look like real madrid every time we play them at pishhead.

  6. I think the manager had better get a grip of his tatics and get this team playing better or i am afraid the writing will be on the wall because the bears are getting restless with this team performance after Saturday which is the second time they have to turned up against them at there place so if the cannot compete against them what iz the rest of the season going to be like knowing that you are only playing for seond place

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