Player ratings as gutless and heartless Rangers destroyed by Ajax

Player ratings as gutless and heartless Rangers destroyed by Ajax
Ajax's Nigerian defender Calvin Bassey applaus supporters after his team's 4-0 victory in the first round Group A UEFA Champions League football match between Ajax Amsterdam (NED) and Rangers (SCO) at The Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam on September 7, 2022. (Photo by Kenzo TRIBOUILLARD / AFP) (Photo by KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images)

Embarrassment for heartless Rangers as a feeble and gutless display once again leads to another drubbing away from home.

Ratings for a pathetic night in Holland:


Being absolutely honest, he was helpless with any of the goals. Only had one modest save to make, kicking was actually alright. But he was a bystander. 5


Utterly exposed at this level, bypassed repeatedly on his side, and this was the Young Boys Tav. And yet still managed quite a few clearances. Offered absolutely nothing going forward because he never went forward. 4


Absolutely hopeless – another one exposed even more than usual, once again ducking crosses. Just utterly out of his depth. Are we really stuck with this guy for another four years? 2


His defending was patchy, but better than two of the other defenders, which shows how bad it was for the rest. One or two BIG interceptions stopped this being a worse drubbing but he was still found completely wanting for at least two of the goals. 4


By a mile Rangers’ best player, he worked harder than anyone to stop Ajax, and had more defensive contributions than anyone else by a mile (8). Even managed a couple of crosses. Say what you like about this season, but Barisic is the only one in any kind of form. 6


He’s definitely struggling now – unable to get into this one at all, and we can’t blame it on a partnership with Davis. Maybe on Kamara? Lunny always works but we saw next to nothing of him tonight. 3


Just invisible. Touched the ball the least of all starters apart from Colak by a mile, and he’s a completely empty jersey. His effort is gone and he needs to be dropped. 0


Looked scared by the occasion. Didn’t manage many good attacks but did try anyway. Robbed Rangers of a consolation goal through pure laziness. 3


Comically out of his depth. It’s the CL ffs not St Mirren. Just embarrassing a former Aberdeen fringe player was selected to start against Ajax. Managed the worst passing percentage we’ve ever seen. 25%. 0


Did manage a good run in the first half but faded dramatically. Offered little after that and was removed. 3


Literally starved of anything. Had nothing to feed on. Left utterly isolated and in his only real moment was stomped all over by Bassey. 0


It was already gone, none of them impacted the game at all aside Leon King who actually played fairly well.


Gio looked absolutely out of his depth tonight. Picked a team that on paper looked poor, and on the pitch looked worse. Two matches in a row he’s got all wrong, but then, this transfer window was dreadful. Mind you, he’s the one who wanted Goldson to stay and picked McLaughlin as his number one. He also ‘persuaded’ Kamara to stay as well. And now we’re abject. The return to action after the window shut has been absolutely horrific. 0

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  1. Can’t be anymore excuses 8 goals too nil for a rangers manager can’t happen we are poor in scotland and now a joke in Europe I love gio but it’s now embarrassing too watch he has too go get dyche in

  2. Gutless and heartless, but also – and more importantly – simply not good enough. We were outclassed. Not really a huge surprise. Sadly, we simply don’t have the quality of players and the funds to successfully compete at this level. Gio could have picked any team. It wouldn’t have made much difference. Ajax dominated possession, were technically far superior, their movement off the ball was excellent and they dictated the tempo of the game. At times it was like cat and mouse. It could have been worse than 4-0. Napoli and Liverpool won’t be any less intimidating.

  3. Agree Alan rangers have unraveled at a shockingly quick rate,and I think it’s all down to gios terrible signings and man management,we need a hard British manager to put steel through the team ,dyche would be a good call ,we need guts and hard graft in Scotland ,dyche has it in spades ,we need to get back to being dominant here and dyche has took on far better than chunky down south with far less resources and overcame them .

  4. This all has been coming ffs our previous Euro performances apart this was coming . Poor signings and retention of players who dont want to be at Ibrox who are just taking a wage . I would say that was worse than the OF game but its only slightly not, because the expectation was not good anyway as we are so poor. GVB has to go now before it gets to catastrophic and unsaveable. Goldson Kent Kamara Mclaughlin liability all of them . What can GVB say to change that garbage. Go now GIO the board need to look at this mess they have caused too with shockingly poor Transfer business or lack of it .

  5. Wow you’ve really went to town with those markings! But you still gave them more than I would’ve. I didn’t expect us to win tonight but I gave us a fighters chance. If only we had shown any fight. This all traces back to a poor pre-season and a shocking transfer window and I don’t think our current manager can fix it. Ibrox is now littered with crocks, duds and the disinterested.

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