Alfredo Morelos & Ryan Kent appear set to leave Rangers

Alfredo Morelos & Ryan Kent appear set to leave Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 25: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates his opening goal with Ryan Kent during the UEFA Europa League group A match between Rangers FC and Sparta Praha at Ibrox Stadium on November 25, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It is evident Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent are not signing new deals as things stand.

Kent and Morelos have had offers on the table for ages now, from what we understand Kent has had his for months, and despite Rangers securing Champions League, neither Morelos or the Englishman have shown interest in extending their terms with Rangers.

Have Rangers not offered enough? Clearly these two consider themselves of high importance to the club, and whatever Rangers have presented in the paperwork hasn’t tempted either of them.

So what now?

Both Kent and Morelos are free to talk to new clubs in January, just as Goldson was – in his case he didn’t get a single offer from October 2020 till late May this year that suggested anything else of use was coming, so he signed on the dotted line.

Let’s start with Kent:

He WAS happy at Rangers, but that seems to have changed. Something has changed for Kent, and he appears to be looking further afield now. Champions League isn’t the temptation it was because the side is completely out of its depth and there’s no glory. He did want a crack at it, but it’s not worked out, and he’d be much happier going home now. Quite simply we think Ryan Kent wants to play for a bigger and better team.

We’ve seen what he can do when in the zone, albeit it was only the Europa League, so he obviously believes he’s capable of more than the SPL. He’s seemingly made the decision that he doesn’t want to miss out on the PL, and wants to follow Joe Aribo south.

He’s not obviously downed tools like Kamara has, but it does seem like Kent’s time at Ibrox is winding down now.

Then there’s Morelos:

He doesn’t want to stay, never wanted to stay, and isn’t signing a new deal. He remains, to this day, gutted that his move to Lille fell through, and that the Porto link faded. His heart has never been at Ibrox, and his attitude overtook his professionalism earlier this season when he was dropped for laziness. He’s back now, and for Alfredo Morelos it’s about the shop window. He wants his move now and he’ll happily talk to teams in January. ‘Nuff said.

Now, of course, this is how things stand at the moment with them – life is subject to change and we will never present our facts as absolute and never altering. Maybe both of them will shock us and change their minds, signing on the lines.

But it’s pretty evident that they won’t, unless Goldson-style neither of them get good offers.

So that’s that.

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  1. I just hope rangers dont give them new contracts if no one shows any interest like they did with goldson ,that never worked out and they wont .
    Your heart has to be in it and we don’t want players here against their will .

  2. I have this to say to anyone who wants them to stay why they have never showed the same attitude as last year . One guy at my work said why does no want morales and all I say his discipline is terrible

  3. This is all part of the bigger problems at Ibrox. It’s a shambles . GVB has definitely not been happy since the Europa Final. The board are in dispute , Ross Wilson has made really bad decisions.

  4. Not interested in either staying to be honest. Kent has been a bit of a dud for me. He has talent but has rarely had the application to use it to full effect for sustained periods never mind a long run of matches. Alex Lowry is banging on the door when fit and although he isnt exactly a winger he is very effective linking play in forward positions. I’d take his enthusiasm over Kent and his poor me attitude. Morelos has served his purpose and he will go down in history for his European exploits but sadly also for his discipline. He did stick the elbow on Scott Brown so it’s not all bad. He just could have been so.much better. Step in Robbie Ure and our other prospects. Again I’d rather see players who really want the jersey and ones who know what it means to wear it.

  5. Both can go for me. Kent has been an enigma since we signed him permanently, as for Alfie, he has wanted out for 18 months now, rangers board just played hard ball with the fee. Neither have rangers best interests at heart, so unless something drastically changes, I would have both out the team and get some of the young boys embedded into the 1st team squad.

  6. Rangers are bigger than any player…..if they’re not happy off you pop! You’ll never play for a finer club.

  7. Glad to see them go if their heart isn’t it. But it would be extremely disappointing and poor squad management if we lose 2 multi million players for nothing. We simply can’t afford to do business like that. If they have t signed by December let them rot on the bench or the ignominy of the B squad and stick the kids in. The league will be gone by then anyway. In no way should we give them a window to find new clubs.

  8. Let them rot,Kents a one trick pony and when Celtic marked his card he was useless,Morelos went to Colombia for a sniff and a holiday, never kickes a ball and still comes back Charles Green still on the board with Craig Whyte and Fat you say…where’s the difference..taking us for clowns..sack the board,useless fat see you next Tuesday’s..

  9. Get rid of the Both of them , and Kamara as well . The three of them have been a waste of space for to long. Put them in the BTeam , and let the kids have a go, at least they will play for the shirt 🎽. Shankill Ray ✋

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