“That’ll never catch on” – Rangers’ Ally makes major point about PSV

“That’ll never catch on” – Rangers’ Ally makes major point about PSV
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MARCH 24: Former Scotland International, Ally McCoist smiles prior to the international friendly match between Scotland and Poland at Hampden Park on March 24, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

With next Wednesday’s trip on a knife edge, the postponement question has arisen.

The last time we spoke of this, of discussing Ally’s suggestion that such an idea was a very good one, it was rounded on by about 95% of Rangers fans, all arguing that ‘momentum’ was more useful, along with gaining form. He mentioned it again, joking the Dutch FA’s help to their club would never catch on here.

After the result on Tuesday, unsurprisingly there’s been a little bit of movement, and while the majority probably still favour us travelling to Hibs this weekend, a greater number than before can see merit in putting the match off.

Let’s be clear – next Wednesday is our European final – it is a reset and a reboot and winner takes all, and the match is the second most valuable in world football behind England’s Championship playoff final. That one is worth about £150M to the winner, while this one, to gain access to the UCL group phase is worth an ultimate £60M if you factor in all revenue beyond just prize money.

Ergo, PSV themselves got their weekend fixture put off – and the debate about Rangers’ trip to Edinburgh has surfaced again.

While many fans argue about momentum and gaining more fitness, we at Ibrox Noise are concerned about three things:

1: Distraction. We would rather not have the trip to Easter Road distracting us from this ‘final’ next week. We want to do everything in our power to beat PSV and if we can be aided a little by a postponement, we favour it.

2: Injuries. What if Lundstram picks up a knock? What if Colak or Tav ended up missing midweek. Would that be worth the cost? It’s a real risk.

3: Gio, if Rangers do play this weekend, will have to pick a side with Wednesday in mind. And hope that it picks up a win at a notorious venue for Rangers. As much as fans want momentum, it’s possible that a bad result or performance at Hibs could really hurt morale and momentum.

The eager response we see is ‘it’s too early in the season for breaks ffs’ – but it’s not about a rest, it’s about focus, and risk. PSV is worth too much for us to disregard it as anything other than complete priority right now.

We still side with Ally on this one.

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  1. We are 6 games into the season and still are nowhere near our best. We are slowly getting better but still have a bit to go. I’m hoping the game against a Hibs will push us further towards our best and things might just click into place. There are sound arguments to postpone but personally I think we should play.

    • I agree with you Robrob57, we needgames to iron out stuff that seems to be catching us out, Goldson for example and who plays with him . Match fitness for Morelos . So whilst a rest would be a bonus we need the extra time on competitive field. After watching Hibs against Hearts they weren’t much use actually but as per usual Rangers haters e.g the rest of snp Scotland. They will play out of their skins, twats.

      • Excellent comment and if that fiasco in Perth is Scotland in 2022 with all the snp cannon fodder guilty of hate crimes as usual then Scotland really is a banana Republic with the sun.

  2. We are getting told that team still rusty and players needing to click ,surely competitive games solves this issue ? .I do not think it is good decision for psv as they look same to me ,team getting used to one another .
    As for spfl you will get fuck all off them ,so doesnt surprise me or anger me anymore ,unless we play somewhere else will always be the same .
    God knows why that fuckwit robertson left the board to be ran by celtic ,we will be majory hamstrung by this in future .

  3. Its time to use our squad players like Zukowski, Yilmaz, Morelos, Davies. Arfield, Jack. Rotate using these or whats the point in Yilmaz and Zukowski ?

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