Why Ally is right and Rangers need a postponement

Why Ally is right and Rangers need a postponement
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MARCH 24: Former Scotland International, Ally McCoist smiles prior to the international friendly match between Scotland and Poland at Hampden Park on March 24, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We had an interesting response to our piece about how the Dutch FA are bending over backwards to help PSV, but the SPFL are doing SFA about Rangers and making our lives easier.

While a healthy chunk were as horrified but not shocked by the Scottish authorities like us, a huge amount of replies actually backed the move, and suggested it was better for Rangers to have momentum going into the second leg of PSV.

Indeed, a lot of them were downright pleased, rather than the legend that is Ally McCoist being disgusted at how Rangers were not being catered for. Sutton ridiculed him for this.

The most common reaction was that it was about getting more minutes in the legs, and it was much better to have fitness going into the second leg. Especially this early in the season.

We do take that point, but can someone equally inform us how minutes at mediocre Hibs in any way prepares our side, fitness-wise, for a trip to PSV?

Not really sure travelling to Livi exactly prepared us for travelling to Belgium now did it?

There’s another factor, and it’s a lot more serious.


Are you seriously telling me not a single player of an Edinburgh persuasion will try to half one or more of our players? Or even worse, that one or more of our players won’t get injured in the part and parcel of an honest tackle?

The reason PSV got the postponement was to be fresh for the second leg – a full 6 days off after the first leg, working on tactics and focused only on us after the first leg.

Whereas we will be focusing on a trip to Hibs, trying to select a lineup with midweek in mind.

This is a one off, guys and gals – this is a straight shoot out to get to the UCL.

Should we secure it, it won’t matter about postponements etc – but this one is a final in itself, and anything that helps our club have as many players as ready as possible and focused only on getting to the group stage is for us the more prudent move.

Many of you don’t agree.

Some of you even argued injuries happen in training. And yes they do. But usually much worse ones happen in the heat of competitive battle, so by eliminating the latter, we reduce the chances.

If you do get your way, we do travel to Easter Road and we lose key players, you asked for it.

Now, if the club is OFFERED the postponement (zero chance of this happening) and declines, then we will completely kowtow to that judgement, because that will be Gio’s choice.

But if it was up to us, we’d take a leaf out the PSV notebook on this one.

Didn’t do Marseille any harm in 1993, did it?

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