A right proper Charlie talks yet more guff about Rangers

A right proper Charlie talks yet more guff about Rangers
BOURNEMOUTH, ENGLAND - MARCH 19: Charlie Nicholas answers questions during the Gillette Soccer Saturday Live with Jeff Stelling on March 19, 2012 at the Bournemouth International Centre in Bournemouth, England. (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

Once again a Celtic person is obsessed with talking about our club, following Kenny Dalglish on Ally McCoist’s comments. Yes, this time it’s Charlie Nicholas, who informs the world Rangers will sign a new goalie if we get to the UCL group stage and ‘boost our finances’.

Because, as we all know, we haven’t already done that…

In case Mr Nicholas is unaware, Rangers have already pocketed around £90M from player sales and the Europa League, not to mention a further £5M from getting to the UCL playoffs.

In other words, our finances are pretty dandy again, thanks, so if we were to sign anyone further, it wouldn’t be dependent on the UCL.

Don’t get us wrong, it can’t hurt to get an extra circa £60M for sure, and yes, it’s likely that Rangers might try for another signing or two should we get to the group phase, but it would be a luxury at that point, not a critical necessity.

Gio has already confirmed he’s pretty content with the squad at present – but every club is always looking to strengthen where it can or risk stalling. And Rangers are no different.

Yes, it’s possible that we’d look at the transfer market if we get another £60M by making the UCL group phase, but if this club really wants a goalie, there’s nothing stopping it signing one now.

We have money.

Do we need a new goalie? Most fans, ourselves included, aren’t exactly blown away with Jon McLaughlin, nor do we endorse McGregor being reinstated for every match. So we’d hardly complain with a new stopper, but then we have four on our books so it would require one or more to leave.

It is a bit messy.

But no, Charles – we don’t NEED UCL to sign a goalie. But thank you for your views on our club!

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  1. Same as Mutton they both love the Rangers and cant stop talking about us normally in a negative manner,Go away hasbeens nobody is listening 2u

  2. Are you surprised with that soup taking fud sticking his oar in when it is not needed or warranted, christ, he got kicked out of Sky Sports for it and all he has left in this life is trying to please the green and grey with sly digs at us, l ignore him unless ypu guys want to have an article about him, his pal is Chris Mutton so we really do not expect less from those 2

  3. Like all Rangers haters similar to that green leaning wretch Tom English , he talks disrespectful pish about the Famous whilst singing the praises of a rotten mob outfit who got bullied and humped at every level in Europe and will do again . WATP…

  4. Never take the opinion of a 60 year old man who wears a diamond ear stud too seriously ….they obviously have issues .

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