“Stood up to the challenge – 7” – Rangers players ratings v PSV

“Stood up to the challenge – 7” – Rangers players ratings v PSV
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 16: Antonio-Mirko Colak of Rangers celebrates after scoring their team's first goal during the UEFA Champions League Play-Off First Leg match between Rangers FC and PSV Eindhoven at Ibrox Stadium on August 16, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers were held to a draw tonight by a PSV side who proved as strong as we expected, and Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings on an intriguing night as the Champions League theme returned to Govan:


We’ve been harder than most on the goalie, and while he does at times look like a rookie who’s never played at this level before (well, he actually hasn’t) he made a couple of MASSIVE saves which may prove key in this tie. 7


A better performance than what he produced in Seville, Tav seemed a lot less nervous at this kind of marquee level, and worked on getting as much done in an attacking sense as he could, but again, his rear end (forgive the pun) was exposed a lot and PSV did have a lot of control of his flank. However he nailed the key assist for Rangers’ opener. 7


Another disaster for Goldson at this level, his new deal just looks like a complete waste of time – exposed horrendously for both goals, that’s now 5 Rangers have conceded in Europe hugely in part to his incompetence. Just after we praised him at the weekend, normal Goldson returns. 4


As much as fans hate this kid, he really did little wrong. Sure, a couple of positional gaffes, but he’s 22, and still learning. He didn’t make any major errors and certainly didn’t cost any goals. 6


Looked a bit weak as the match went on and PSV started to expose his flank and seemed unsteady in the second half, after a decent first half. Not much linkup with Kent or indeed anyone else. 5


A couple of minor wobbles aside, Lunny was strong again, but was held back by his partner a little. Had to cover more grass than he usually would but stood up to the challenge. 7


His age finally got exposed at this level – we were very surprised he was named, and he was guilty of two huge errors. Wasn’t able to cover the ground much and was taken off into the second half. 5


Kent was marshalled expertly by Teze who mostly batted him away with ease. Wasn’t able to dominate like he did v Dortmund and was left mostly snuffed out. 5


A surprising amount of defending from the attacker, Lawrence played very well even if he wasn’t overly influential as an attacking threat. But his free kick was a huge goal even if the goalie was 100% to blame for it. 7


A very patchy match from the American, was an incredibly bright spark for so much of it but a lot of his decision making was very poor indeed – guilty of ball hogging a couple of times and not looking up. But was still Rangers’ main attacking threat. 6


Was a willing worker all night but didn’t get a lot of service – the two chances he got, he forced a decent save, and of course scored. He is doing everything he can with what he has. 7



Didn’t really add very much to the match, but was clearly deemed a better option by Gio over Jack. 5


Looked absolutely short at this level and like he was completely out of his depth. 4


Overall Gio will feel his side could have done more – but he is also aware they were up against a physically big and strong side who can play. Rangers did well not to be bullied, but didn’t really exploit home advantage enough, and we’re puzzled at the lack of attacking nous and not bringing Morelos on. We’re also more than a little frustrated that a second manager in a row will not drop Connor Goldson ever. 6

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  1. Collectively, and considering the quality of opposition, your ratings seems a bit harsh.
    I think we overplayed it a bit at the back tonight, often playing ourselves into trouble.
    PSV tweaked things at half time and we had no answer for it.
    Still in with a chance but slight advantage to them. Massive away performance required.
    I’m predicting a flexible 3 5 2 formation next week!

  2. School boy defending once again, l just knew it would happen as l said earlier, McLaughlin, Goldson, Kamara, Barasic Wright, not one is fit to wear the jersey, rest done okay, l would have took the draw if you had offered it to me before the game started, we always play well in the second matches playing any European side but we really need to drop those players if we are to have any chance next week and in the league, some of our players think they are world beaters, l don’t know what Gio sees in training with then to get picked because sure as fuck, they aren’t showing it on the main stage, some of those players should not even be on our subs bench, got it all to do next week, hope they pull a rabbit out of the bag when it really needs but PSV might just be too strong for us, and l certainly would not be embarrassed next week if we go into the Europa league

  3. Have i been put into a block list i havent seen any of my recent comments posted for 5+ articles now ?

  4. I thought we were quite poor tonight. PSV are a decent team with good players who played well. We didn’t really have anyone that hit anywhere near their best form. We now face a huge task to get through but we are still in it and if we get a big performance then it’s still possible.

  5. As I previously said Goldson’s defending and his faults cost us two goals last nights and many more in the past.Is there anyone who can change his position in the team and put him on the bench?It’s clearly he isn’t able to play at this level and makes fans anger and frustration.How long it will last this situation?And last question, is that Gio’s decision?

    • Yes agree Davis was our best player by a mile Tillman lost the ball everytime he got it with two exceptions one he ended up running the ball out when should have passed and second on run had players either side but opted to send powder puff shot straight to keeper we were far to passive and negative all this passing sideways and backwards so predictable and just encourages sides to press us into mistkakes

    • I agree thought he was probs our best player 1st half. His key pass to Tav for the first was beautiful finishing of a quality phase of play.
      He gave the ball away a couple of times in quick succession start of the first half, but half of them gave the ball away more than him. Didn’t work as well with Lundstram as in their last game, but that was only Kilmarnock. I’d be dropping him for Jack in Eindhoven expecting a more defensive approach and scoring on the counter.

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