Ryan Kent, the PL, the UCL, and his new Rangers contract

Ryan Kent, the PL, the UCL, and his new Rangers contract
EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS - AUGUST 24: Ryan Kent of Glasgow Rangers celebrates victory after the UEFA Champions League play-Off Secaon Leg match between PSV Eindhoven and Glasgow Rangers at Phillips Stadium on August 24, 2022 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. (Photo by Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Getty Images)

With all the hullaballoo about Rangers securing Champions League group stage, we’d not forgotten a couple of contracts which remain unsigned.

Ok, Alfredo Morelos’ stock has gone down a bit lately, with his attitude and fitness issues, not to mention the rise of Goalak, making his place reduce to second-choice striker (no one would have believed that was possible a few month ago) but we’d still like his situation resolved regardless.

But Ryan Kent is more interesting – Ryan Kent still has a decision to make.

If Ryan Kent signs his new deal, he’s hiking his price up hugely. That reduces his Premier League chances going forward.

But Ryan Kent also has a huge feather in his cap – Ryan Kent will be in the Champions League for at least six matches, with epics against his old employers Liverpool in there.

If he actually still wants a move to a PL club, albeit he is 100% settled in Scotland with his partner, the time to get one is by shining in the Champions League.

If Kent stands out against Ajax, Napoli and the Anfield giants, there will be renewed interest in him come January.

But does he really want to leave?

As we have said many times, Kent is happy to stay, he’s content and settled. But he’s still a young winger who would 100% want to give the Premier League a shot if given the chance.

But he’s got the Champions League instead, at Ibrox, for the first time – the pinnacle of club football, at his fingertips.

There’s simply no bigger platform than the Champions League to showcase one’s self on, and if he is angling for a move, that’s how to do it.

But we’re not sure he is.

Is the new deal getting signed?

Only Ryan Kent knows that, but we’d like it sorted ASAP.

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  1. The lad needs a rest, even though we have massive games coming, hr done his bit but he needs to put his feet up now as the had work is completed

  2. Kent’s not going to get a top half EPL team so any EPL move is likely to find him in a relegation battle and potentially the Championship next season. He might not even be a first pick. And there would be no European football. Seems a no brainier to me. Might not earn as much but he would earn around £6-8m with a 4 year contract at Rangers.

  3. Unless Kent has a major turn in form ,I don’t expect him to be worrying Ajax ,Liverpool or Napoli ,I hope I am wrong though .Make up your mind man and stop messing us about .

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