All this will be forgotten if Rangers beat PSV

All this will be forgotten if Rangers beat PSV
EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS - AUGUST 24: Scott Arfield of Glasgow Rangers celebrates with his teammate John Lundstram of Glasgow Rangers after the UEFA Champions League Play-Off Second Leg match between PSV and Glasgow Rangers at Phillips Stadium on August 24, 2022 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. (Photo by Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Getty Images)

‘All this will be forgotten if we beat PSV’.

Ourselves, many of Ibrox Noise’s supporters and quite a few others said this on Monday after the shambles at Easter Road led to soul-searching and whining, not least from us on the Noise.

But we acknowledged for all the gripes, everything would taste infinitely sweeter if we secured the CL place and we’d pretty much forget what happened in Edinburgh.

That’s been mostly true, but we do still feel extremely wary about Connor Goldson and that’s been a recurring theme from the readers on our page. He was the weakest performer in Holland, and going through hasn’t changed him into Paolo Maldini overnight.

But we have money now, we have UCL group stage, and quibbles had by all prior to kick off in Eindhoven do seem a lot less significant.

Goldson has a little bit of a clean slate now – not entirely, but with the superb achievement of Wednesday, the defender can use the good feeling about Ibrox to clinch some form.

But we can’t be bothered spending our time talking about him any more – what we will say is the slightly patchy start to the season overall feels a lot, lot better now, and winning v County tomorrow will help that further.

All we need is for Celtic to drop some points and we’re right back into play, and what better time for them to do that than against us?

All Rangers have to do is win the next three matches and suddenly we’re back top of the table and through to the next round of the cup with a UCL clash to look forward to.

There may be a signing or two carried out as well to help in that endeavour.

But yes, Hibs has been mostly forgotten, and we can now move on and really seize the day on this season.

The UCL was a huge distraction, and that’s been secured now, so we can concentrate on 56 and regaining the title.

Forgotten? Forgotten what?

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  1. They and willie collum done us a favor
    They fired us up for the big one
    And morelos not travelling due to the red card fallout was the biggest favor willie done for us
    He should get a cut of the 40mil🤣
    Thanks willie we couldnt have done it without you🤝🤣

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