Gio gives major updates on two big Rangers contracts

Gio gives major updates on two big Rangers contracts
Gio updates us on Kenty and Alfie....

After telling us over three weeks ago that he hoped Alfredo Morelos would sign inside the next ‘couple’, Gio has confirmed today something of a backtrack on both he and Ryan Kent by only saying ‘discussions are ongoing’.

After being previously filled with optimism the Colombian at least would have signed by early this month, the manager has confirmed we’re no further along with getting he or Kent to put pen to paper, but as we’ve suggested on Ibrox Noise, we’ll have to wait till after PSV to find out if either of them will.

He said:

‘They (discussions) are still ongoing, no news yet on developments so just have to wait and see if it’s eventually coming to new contracts.”

The reality is it depends on UCL – if Rangers overcome PSV then both are likely to commit, albeit even that isn’t certain, but we do know if the club falls next week at the Philips Stadion, it becomes a very strong possibility neither of them will.

There is a lot riding on winning in Holland, not just the Promised Land of the UCL group phase and the doors that opens, but the likelihood of securing the long term signatures of two of the club’s most coveted assets.

And that’s where we’re at.

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  1. Our league is absolutely stale, most players would jump at a chance to mover to a bigger better league and if Buffalo and Kenty do leave, they go with my best wishes

    99% of Scottish home grown players, this will be all they know and will never escape the SPL and stick with crap wages, only a very few players take the chance or are good enough to play down south or abroad , players honestly must feel they are suffocating here

  2. Yes it is pretty obvious they are hanging on till the very last day of the window to see if anybody comes in for them ,then if no one does they will probably sign against their best wishes .The question is are the fans happy with this attitude? Pretty sure am not ,colak been great ,Kent been piss poor ,drop em .

  3. I don’t really see the logic of this. If Rangers don’t make the CL then neither player will end up a club that does. In fact they are unlikely to end up at a club in the Europa League which of course we are guaranteed. Sign the contract boys. Have another season playing European football. If someone comes in for you later then the club will sell if the money is right.

  4. Unfortunately they sign , yes European Football at whatever level we end up in , but shit SPFL . Itsa good springboard but not the best , also our shit refereeing and aggressive anti Rangets physicality is poor for injury potentially. So yes it would be good if they stay but I would see their point if they don’t.

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